Calm & Cozy


Back To Sleep Meditation (w/music)

Season 4, Ep. 82

I've recorded a meditation to help you fall asleep after the frustration of an unexpected wake-up. It is based on a few of the mindset concepts I covered in episode 81, Can You Manifest Better Sleep? The goal of this meditation is to help you create your own peaceful back-to-sleep practice, so I've kept it simple, but I've also made it super calm and cozy, as usual.

This meditation has no intro or ads and can be played from start to finish as you relax in your bed. It starts with a 6-minute guided audio with calming piano in the background and ends with 10 minutes of just music before fading to silence. For best results, delete any downloaded or queue podcast episodes to prevent them from automatically playing after this meditation is over.

Background music commercial license purchased from Ashot Danielyan Composer on

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