Business of Betting with Jason Trost


E187 - Dean Sisun from Prophet Exchange

Season 1, Ep. 187

On this edition of the Business of Betting Podcast, Jason is joined by Dean Sisun, CEO & co-founder of Prophet Exchange. They discuss why and how Prophet was set up, how Prophet compares to its competitors & much more before there is a twist to the second half of the podcast!


00:27 - The founding story of the Prophet Exchange

03:43 - What is Prophet doing that its competitors aren't?

05:00 - Why move back to the US to launch?

07:25 - When did Prophet launch & how is it going?

09:40 - How does Prophet compare to Sport Trade?

12:21 - How does Prophet compare to top-tier sportsbooks?

14:14 - The challenges behind building Prophet.

19:40 - How is Dean managing the challenge of attracting funding in the current economic climate?

25:35 - Dean's questions for Jason

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