Business of Betting with Jason Trost


E183 - Alex Kane from Sporttrade

Season 1, Ep. 183

Jason is joined by Alex Kane, CEO and Founder of Sporttrade Inc. in the latest episode of the Business of betting Pod. Alex shares his startup story, as well as his views on the growth of the American sportsbook industry, and his vision for the future of the industry and exchanges.

04:01 Sporttrade: The humble beginnings

06:25 Alex’s Startup and Investment Round journey

08:18 Techstars to launch

12:31 Building the Sporttrade matching engine

16:00 Pre & Post trade challenges

19:33 Sporttrade vs the competition

24:09 The role of market makers

27:00 The Sporttrade business model

29:56 Competitors and the customer acquisition challenge

32:22 Sporttrade vs Prophet

33:49 Why choose Sporttrade?

42:28 The end of price time?

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