Business of Betting with Jason Trost


E179 - Sandford Loudon of Oakvale Capital

Season 1, Ep. 179

In this episode of the Business of betting Sandford Loudon joins the show. Oakvale Capital is a leading M&A and advisory firm in the industry. Sanford covers his background, his access to deals, SPACS and shares his opinion on the market.

01:13 His background: From a traditional corporate finance background to gaming advisory; getting access to deals - networking, understanding the space, using his financial foundations

09:40 What are SPACS - Why companies do it, hot it works; the deal with Rush Street Interactive, Valuation and dilution, $10 per share mechanism

29:22 His opinion on the market: Gambling being undervalued

32:05 Focus on the US market: Making money; profitability of US operators; online casinos; maturity of the market; UK v. US

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