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Great Leaders Stay Focused On What's Important

What makes a great leader?

What are their characteristics and why is their impact so powerful? In this episode, we explore the difference between good leadership and great leadership, why some organizations appear to be lacking in leadership and what every leader should strive to be; a true leader.

You've got to stay in tune with what's happening and make decisions accordingly. And there are situations where you don't have all of the information that you want or that you need. When this happens what decision do you make?

Rory Clayton OBE joins Joe Dalton to chat about leadership, decision-making and uncertainty.

Rory operates from the Board Room to the shop floor, demonstrating an intuitive ability to move between different cultures and seamlessly fit into all organisations and levels. He has a natural ability to get the very best out of people. He has worked all over the world across many different sectors including hospitality, technology, finance, banking, fashion, oil, food & wine, FMCG, engineering, consultancy, advertising and not-for-profit Friendly Society's..

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