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EasyJet Recovery Plan

Season 1, Ep. 3

In this third BTA podcast Clive Wratten is joined by guests, James Marchant and Thomas Busser from EasyJet. James and Thomas are discussing EasyJet's recovery plan along with how they interface with other areas of the business, their priorities to improve content available to customers and revised rules for passengers travelling with cabin bags on EasyJet.

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  • 5. Bringing Back Humanity to Air Travel

    In the latest BTA podcast, Clive Wratten is joined by JetBlue’s Head of Revenue and Planning, Dave Clark. The pair discuss JetBlue’s mission to ‘bring back humanity to air travel’, the JetBlue Effect, its mint cabin, and expanding its fleet during the pandemic.
  • 4. BTA - The Voice of Business Travel

    Following on from the launch of the BTA & Amadeus paper on the Future of Business Travel, Liz Emmott, UK General Manager and Commercial Business Travel Director of Amadeus talks to Clive Wratten, BTA CEO, about the key topics identified from the consultation that need to be addressed in order for the travel industry to recover and navigate a route out of this global crisis. With business travellers recognising the importance of post-pandemic public safety as well as technological and environmental advances, the TMC community has many reasons to stay positive as we enter the second half of 2021.
  • 2. BTA - The Voice of Business Travel

    Welcome to the second BTA Podcast. In this episode BTA's Dave Clare discusses 'Extended Stay' with Jo Layton from CAP Worldwide Serviced Apartments.  As the BTA strategic and educational partner in the extended stay, serviced apartment and alternative accommodation space, Jo from CAP Worldwide Serviced Apartments shines the light and answer questions relating to the development of the extended stay industry, including an overview of the different models, new platforms and new dynamic services that will be available during 2021. Also up for discussion will be Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) issues including ‘COVID 19 clean and safe, secure and legal’, and everything else you ever wanted to know about the extended stay world.We hope you enjoy!
  • 1. BTA - The Voice of Business Travel

    The BTA would like to welcome you to our first podcast. In this episode Clive Wratten Chief Executive of BTA is joined by Charlotte Baikie Head of Account Management at Sabre Travel Network to talk about the role of technology in post-pandemic recovery and the new approaches to travel retail and distribution.The travel industry has been growing and evolving rapidly in the last few years with increasing customer demands for greater personalization, faster service and a more innovative approach to retailing travel. The pandemic has brought the corporate travel sector to a screeching halt and forced many agencies to review their business strategies. The BTA have seen what pent up demand looks like in the past few months with the boom in domestic travel, as well as lodging and ground. Though business travel is not slated for quick recovery and new lockdowns are being announced daily, it’s important for TMCs to look ahead at how they can reemerge from the crisis.