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Why Does the Thin Blue Line Exist? + Realistic Police Reform, with Edward Cronin

Ep. 68
068- Edward Cronin Ed has worked in the law enforcement for over 35 years. His career includes experience as a Police Chief in two cities in Massachusetts. He holds a graduate degree in Criminal Justice Management along with an advanced graduate degree in Organizational Development and Systems Thinking from Suffolk University. He has also held appointments at the U.S. Department of State aa a Senior Law Enforcement Advisor.As Chief of Police in Fitchburg, Massachusetts in 2006, he co-developed a task force that employed a systems approach to address crime and educational failures of Latino students. Fitchburg was experiencing a higher murder rate per capita than the City of Boston (mostly within the Latino community) and a high school dropout rate for Latino students of over 40%. His work engaged the police and community to identify the root cause as unconscious bias, systemic racism, and lack of economic opportunities for young people.Timestamps:2:00 - Why does the thin blue line exist? 8:30 - American policing is 200 years old 16:30 - The American criminal justice system is a failure 21:30 - Ed’s story of reforming a city’s police force as Chief of Police in Fitchburg, MA 25:00 - How did Ed’s task force define systemic racism? 36:00 - How Should someone interact with the police?  40:00 - Ed’s message for young peopleEd's WebsiteFollow Bro Nouveau On Instagram

How do Interest Rates Interact with Inflation? + Don't Get Duped by Your 401(k) Provider, with Paul Sippil

Ep. 67
067 - Paul Sippil is a financial advisor who specializes in helping small businesses and individuals select the right 401(k) provider for their financial needs. He has websites and a YouTube channel with free educational information to help investors avoid unnecessary fees and maximize retirement savings.Timestamps:3:00 - Financial Advisors don’t charge for the commensurate amount of work6:00 - History of 401k & Why Asset Based Fees are BS  10:30 - Guideline 401k price structure changes 15:00 - Basics of Retirement Savings and How to Save 21:00 - Budgeting - track your spending with simple “date - amount - description” format24:30 - Expense Ratios- Active vs Passive Funds 26:00 - How to pick a fund to invest in 29:30 - Buy Low / Sell High? 31:30 - True Diversification is outside of the US Market and understanding correlation 40:00 - The argument for a gold standard 47:00 - How do interest rates interact with inflation? 54:00 - I Bond 56:00 - Paul’s Services for employer-sponsored retirement plans58:00 - Spark by seek discomfort game Thomas’ Question: how would your life change if you had 1 year left to live? Paul’s Question: what have you dreamed of doing for a long time and what is holding you back from doing it? References and Further Reading: paulsippil.comPersonal Capital Budgeting App Dave Ramsey Every Dollar All Weather Fund - Permanent Portfolio I Bond