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  • Conor Sullivan: Leverage your Network for Personal and Professional Success

    102- Conor Sullivan is the Vice President of Client Excellence at The Endurance Group, a consulting firm that unlocks opportunities for clients by revealing and leveraging authentic relationships. Timestamps: 1:00 - Intro & Conor’s professional background; what makes a good podcast episode? 9:00 - Conor’s experience working with Teach for America; path to education as a profession23:00 - Social Capital 30:00 - Social Capital Outreach vs Cold Outreach; Importance of Connection Post-Covid42:00 - Being a Good ManThe Endurance GroupConor on LinkedInBro Nouveau on YouTube
  • 101. Dr. Salvatore Forcina: Leaving Postwar Italy and Making a Life in Argentina and the United States

    101 - Dr. Salvatore Forcina was born during World War II in Scauri, Italy in April of 1941, before moving to Argentina in 1949. As an adult, he moved to the United States, where he completed two different residencies in general and vascular surgery and built a life. Dr. Forcina's recently published book, The American Doctor documents his struggles and successes as an immigrant to two countries. Timestamps 1:30 - Sal’s early live; postwar Italy and moving to Argentina; influence of his parents and emphasis on schooling 9:00 - Facism in Italy 12:00 - Life in Argentina, learning Spanish 20:00 - Overcoming Adversity: The Road is Never Straight or Smooth 24:00 - Moving to the United States in 1969; Finding Love 30:00 - Perseverance 41:00 - Being a Good Man 46:00 - Motivation for writing The American Doctor Buy the Book: Nouveau on YouTube:
  • 100. Paddy Coyne: Coaching Team Sports and Managing Sales Teams

    Paddy Coyne is a B2B business leader in the construction industry, and a lifelong football (soccer) player and coach. Timestamps: 2:00 - Paddy Intro - Background and path to living in the United States 7:00 - How Paddy & Thomas met; goal setting in personal life and business 14:00 - How Paddy developed his social skills and ability to break the ice with people 23:00 - Individual Contributor vs Management Roles33:00 - Values and Defining a Good Man Bro Nouveau on YouTube Bro Nouveau on Instagram
  • Contemporary Psychoanalysis & Masculinity in 2023 with Dr. Christopher Deussing

    Dr. Christopher Deussing, DSW, LCSW, C-DBT is the Owner of Integrative DBT & Psychotherapy, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He holds a Doctorate in Clinical Social Work, as well as postgraduate certificates in psychedelic assisted Psychotherapy, and in Substance Abuse and Addiction Counseling. For more than 20 years, Chris has helped people cope with a wide variety of psychological presentations including mood difficulties, psychosis, trauma, grief, relationship challenges, addiction, and personality disorders. He is a "technical integrationist" fluent in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Chris is a creative clinician utilizing a humanistic, action-oriented, and client-centered approach compassionately infused with lovingkindness.Timestamps: 4:30 - Pros and Cons of the wounded healer12:00 - Traditional vs Contemporary Psychoanalysis; post-Freud evolution toward behavioralism21:00 - Primacy of therapeutic relationship regardless of modality26:00 - Identity work & Internal Family Systems30:00 - Impact of Isolation & the COVID 19 Pandemic42:00 - Masculinity in 2023Integrative DBT & Psychotherapy: Christopher Deussing on LinkedIn: Nouveau on YouTube Bro Nouveau on Instagram 
  • 98. This Podcast Will Improve Your Work Performance

    Regardless of your job title and industry, you have customers. Your external customers are the businesses who pay money for your services, the individuals who view your advertisements, and donors who fund your organization. Internal customers are the people who you work with every day, who support your objectives directly or indirectly.This week's guest on the Bro Nouveau Podcast, Andrew Hamburger, is a Strategic Enterprise Account Executive at Salesloft, an American software company valued at $1.1B in 2021. For the last 15 years, Andrew has worked as an individual contributor and sales leader, giving him a unique perspective on sales performance, sales management and relationship management with internal and external customers.Andrew's refections on driving consensus in a large groups, passing praise on to teammates, being graceful in competitive environments, and identifying your professional niche will improve your work performance, regardless of your current job title.Timestamps: 0:30 - Andrew's background and introduction to a sales careers7:00 - you need to be face to face with your customers in 292314:00 - If they won't put you in the room, they are not your champion24:00 - Interacting with the competition30:00 - Internal Customers39:00 - Evaluating organizations to work at, understanding your own nicheConnect with Andrew on LinkedIn: Nouveau on YouTube Bro Nouveau on Instagram 
  • 97. Receiving and Giving Criticism in Your Relationship and at Work

    097 - Dr. Jessica Higgins is a Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Professional Counselor. She holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and a M.A. in Counseling Psychology.Dr. Higgins' Website: Relationship Podcast: Shifting Criticism guide: Nouveau on YouTube Bro Nouveau on Instagram 
  • 96. A Spotlight on the American Military Veteran Experience

    Fire For Effect Athletics (FFE) is a US military veteran owned and operated olympic lifting, strongman, and cross-training gym in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. FFE programming is designed for everyone, regardless of physical ability or age. FEE trainers customize workouts to benefit people at all life stages and abilities - elite athletes, kids and octogenarians.This weeks episode features James Taulbee, owner and coach, Tracey Taulbee, general manager and coach, and Adam Trapanotto, manager and coach.Timestamps:0:30: FFE Team Intro8:30 - Odd Object vs Barbell Workouts12:30 - Moving Heavy Odd Objects Quickly Over Great Distances28:00 - The mental side of exercise and an active lifestyle35:00 - Disintegration of community and neighborhoods - knowing your neighbors is rarer today than in the past45:00 - What are the things civilians don't know about the veteran experience?60:00 - Leadership and Ego65:00 - Veteran Mental Health and Suicide; helping each other thriveLinks: FFE website: instagram: Nouveau on YouTube Bro Nouveau on Instagram 
  • 95. You Can Achieve Homeownership

    Purchasing a home is one of the most signifiant, and intimidating, purchases an individual will make in their lifetime. Luckily, DJ Olojo, an Atlanta-based real estate investor, has a passion for educating the public on the benefits of homeownership and how they can achieve it.Timstamps: 1:30 - DJ's path to real estate investing6:00 - Pushing through self-limiting beliefs11:00 - Economic benefits of homeownership14:00 - Options to Avoid Foreclosure20:00 - Understanding equity, mortgages32:00 - How to assess price, mortgage and long-term profitability36:00 - Low income earners can benefit the most from owning a home relative to wealthier individuals47:00 - Pros and Cons of gentrification in major citiesASO HoldingsBro Nouveau on YouTube Bro Nouveau on Instagram 
  • 94. Managing Your Relationships with your Family and at Work (Book Discussion Part 3)

    Part three of Thomas' discussion on The Good Life: Lessons from the World's Longest Scientific Study of Happiness. Buy the book hereThomas' full notesBro Nouveau on YouTube Bro Nouveau on Instagram