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Bro Nouveau Classics: 5 Steps to Men's Mental Health with Dr. Christian Heim

Listen back to this Bro Nouveau Classic episode from November 2021. Dr. Christian Heim is an award-winning clinical psychiatrist, Australian music lecturer (= US professor) and a Churchill fellow. He is a senior lecturer at the University of Queensland in the School of Medicine and in music has lectured at Manhattan School of Music, The University of Newcastle and had a tenured position at the University of Wollongong where he was nominated for a teaching award. He was on staff at several Australian hospitals. During his 20 years as a doctor he has heard the stories of thousands of people. He speaks globally in-person and virtually at law firms, medical organisations, leisure companies and universities about preventative mental health.His writings and public lectures reference medicine and music and cover a range of topics – burnout, brain fitness, the mental health crisis, neuroplasticity, the neurobiology of love, healthy relationships as a protective factor – but primarily focus on how to get the right DOSE of brain chemicals to help overcome 21st Century mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, suicide, trauma, personality disorders and addictions. Dr. Heim speaks from a place of deep compassion and authority. His talks all combine science, music and large doses of Australian humour.  Timestamps:1:30 - Dr. Heim's background in classical music and his path to medicine5:00 -immediate steps anyone can take to prevent depression, anxiety, addiction and suicide10:00 - It's okay to be male 14:30 - Serenity as a way to prevent depression16:30 - How to balance the quest for material success and true happiness (hint- define your values)21:00 - Planning life backwards27:00 - superficial vs deep work 31:00 - building small practices of delayed gratification 34:30 - cultivating self respect 42:00 - foundations of being a good man 49:00 - 3 Things Game  Thomas' question - what are three things you have learned about happiness?  Dr. Heim's question - what are three things you have learned about anger?