Brew Roots


Spyglass Brewing Company

Ep. 208

When a breweries bedrock is built on trial and error to ensure that the best possible product can be enjoyed by their patrons we're here for it. Our friends over at Spyglass Brewing Company in Nashua NH are doing just that. Known for their Fruited Sours and Hazy IPAs (trust us they rule), the folks over at Spyglass are just simply making great beer of any variety. We're excited for their new location to open up in the future. So listen back and drink some beer.



Claw Hammer Supply- Claw Hammer Supply has taken brew in a bag (BIAB) to a whole new level with there single vessel, turn-key, all grain, digital brewing system. It’s a homebrew setup like you’ve never seen. Instead of a typical brewing systems that require 2 or even 3 different vessels (pots, pans, kettles, etc…). theirs only uses 1.

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Each month, Shirts On Tap teams up with a local brewery, to collaborate on a sweet custom shirt design, and then send it to their members with coupons, stickers, a brewery bio, and more! Join the excitement with our exclusive link to get your first box for $5! 


Did you know that some of your favorite breweries use hops from a local family operated Hop Farm right here in Massachusetts. Our friends over at Four Star Farms are there for you wether you are a commercial brewery or a small scale home brewer. Make sure to head over to their website today and get your hands on some of the best and freshest hops locally.

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