Brew Roots


Able Ebenezer

Ep. 226

Have you heard of Ebenezer Mudgett and the Pine Tree Riot? Well it’s A True Story of New Hampshire Colonists Who Defied British Rule in the Spring of 1772, Foreshadowing the Boston Tea Party. That is who our guest this week pays homage to with their name Able Ebenezer. 

This local brewery in Merrimack NH is veteran owned and operated, the team produced everything on site with a 10 barrel brew house. 

We got the chance to talk to Mike who fell in love with craft beer after visiting Stone Brewing. 

When given the opportunity to build a brewery of his own with a buddy from his Army days (Carl), he sold everything that didn't fit into the back of his pickup truck, including his beloved motorcycle, and moved to New Hampshire. Well the rest is history. 

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