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Ep. 230

What is Steam Punk? Steampunk is a genre of science fiction where the world never really progressed past steam technology. It focuses on the hand crafted or man-made, instead of more industrial practices. Co-owners of Dirigible Brewing Co. Colin Knirk and Chris Loring have created a Brewery/Tap Room located in Littleton Ma that features beer and hard seltzer, but also non-alcoholic offerings such as craft sodas, coffee, and flavored seltzers. One of our favorite part of this brewery is the taproom which features a ton of Steampunk Elements and not to mention a wide variety of tabletop and strategy games.

We hope you enjoy this weeks episode!


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  • 232. Loyal Foe Brewing Co.

    Our guest this week is Loyal Foe Brewing Co. out of Harvard MA. They are are a nano-brewery who for the time being are selling beer to go as they do this out of their garage. That doesn't mean that the beer is lacking trust us. If you listen to the episode and want to check them out the best way to, is to order beer online and have a set scheduled times for pickup at checkout. Release info is communicated through our newsletter, social media. CHEERS
  • 231. Sterling Street Brewery

    Do you want to hear a really great episode with some really good conversations paired with really good beer? Well this weeks episode with Sterling Street Brewery will melt your mind, warm your heart and get you ready for the summer.Cheers!
  • 229. Athletic Brewing

    We will be the first ones to admit, we had a preconceived stigma about N/A Beer. We've all heard the complaints it doesn't taste, have a mouth feel or even smell like beer. Well our guest this week are dedicated to crafting delicious non-alcoholic beer that you can enjoy anytime and anywhere that actually makes you believe you're drinking a beer with out the worries or hangovers. Athletic Brewing which started in Connecticut has now two massive breweries (Connecticut and California) dedicated to brewing only N/A and are widely available all across the country. You don't have to wait til dry January or sober October to enjoy these beers.Cheers
  • 228. The Girls Brewery

    It all started with a dream, couple of pots, a stovetop, a bucket, some hoses, and of course malt,hops, and yeast. That concoction would prove to be the tipping point that thrust us into the endless possibilities of the craft brew world. In a small apartment in Boston we stumbled through the instructions, of course adding our own twists on the recipe like a couple of dark chocolate bars and vanilla beans to add flavor to our stout. We felt like mad scientist!Many years have pasted since that fist brew day in that tiny kitchen in the city. Our founder, has spent over a decade working in the Brewery industry before eventually deciding to open up his own. Sometime over those years some of us became mothers and fathers. All of us strive to create a better tomorrow for our children and loved ones. Let’s make a better today! We have the opportunity to elevate the lives of our Mothers and Daughters right now. Being kind and helping each other rise up seems like a good place to start. This weeks guest started like many of our other guests with a dream and probably a couple ruined stove tops.Founder Bob Pepin of The Girls Brewery is taking a different approach to getting his name out across the state of Massachusetts. He calls The Girls Brewery a nomadic brewery with the dream of opening a brick and mortar location near Bridgewater. Listen and enjoy!Cheers 
  • 227. Beer Amplified with Kevin York

    Are you like us and don't know anything about analytics, social media advertising, social media algorithms, the marketing tech stack, e-Commerce marketing, community relations, working with the media?Well look no further on March 27-28 in Boston Ma Beer Amplified is the marketing conference for you. This conference is hosting seminars from marketing people outside the brewing industry. We are talking Adam Grossman Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer of The Boston Red Sox, Jen Keddy Director of Public Relations, OOFOS, and so many more. Interested? Well listen to our episode with Kevin York, from Kevin York Communications as we discuss Beer Amplified and how this might be the conference you need to attend.We can help you get there with the promo code Brewroots100 to get 100 dollars off your admission.To get more info go to
  • 226. Able Ebenezer

    Have you heard of Ebenezer Mudgett and the Pine Tree Riot? Well it’s A True Story of New Hampshire Colonists Who Defied British Rule in the Spring of 1772, Foreshadowing the Boston Tea Party. That is who our guest this week pays homage to with their name Able Ebenezer. This local brewery in Merrimack NH is veteran owned and operated, the team produced everything on site with a 10 barrel brew house. We got the chance to talk to Mike who fell in love with craft beer after visiting Stone Brewing. When given the opportunity to build a brewery of his own with a buddy from his Army days (Carl), he sold everything that didn't fit into the back of his pickup truck, including his beloved motorcycle, and moved to New Hampshire. Well the rest is history. 
  • 225. Backyard Brewery

    The vision of Backyard Brewing is that of a traditional English Publick House, the team's goal is to serve high quality beer served where strangers, locals, regulars, and everyone in between can chat amongst themselves over a pint or two. We got the chance to speak with Brew Master Paul St. Onge about his journey in beer, music, food, beer, and so much more. We ate a lot during this episode so enjoy.Cheers
  • 224. Great North Aleworks

    Rob and Lisa North from Great North Ale Works are our guest this week and it is safe to say they are probably the nicest people we've encountered on this journey. It's probably cause they're Canadian, it's definitely cause they're Canadian. This dynamic duo focused on making Great North Aleworks goal's to be craft flavorful, food friendly beers, while maintaining a fanatical devotion to quality. Safe to say they've done that. The pair who have roots strong within the New Hampshire beer scene back starting in 2007 as members of "Brew Free or Die". Then fast forward to 2010 when Rob won the Samuel Adams Patriot Homebrew Competition, from there well we will let them tell the rest of their story.Cheers.