Brew Roots


Shovel Town Brewery

Ep. 114

Did you know that North Easton Ma is known for creating shovels, more specifically the Ames Shovel which helped build the trans- continental railway? Well now you do… 

Did you also know there is a brewery deep in the heart of North Easton that specializes in crafting unique, and high quality craft beer. That’s the story we’re telling today. Shovel Town Brewing. 

This interview is a lot of fun and you’ll learn a thing or two.. Plus it has Andy from Castle Island and who doesn’t love Andy? Seriously we love Andy

Make sure to stay up to date with Shovel Town as they open their second location in Foxboro. 

In addition, check out their website. To get your hands on some of their great beer and not to mention their awesome brick oven pizzas, cause who doesn’t like pizza and beer.


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