Brew Roots


Gilded Skull Brewing

Ep. 117

Similar to many home brewers, Neil Kade dreamed of having his own brewery one day. Although it’s not exactly the dream he expected, he’s now commercially brewing beer for New England. 

We first heard of Neil and Gilded Skull Brewing after our friends the Mass Brew Bros. wrote this article in February 2019 and their follow up article released just a couple weeks ago.

In the article we found that not only was Neil trying to launch Gilded Skull Brewing but he was also diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer and fighting for a future. Neil was quoted saying “all we wanted was normalcy, to start our family and build this little beer project into a brewery.” 

Flash forward to the present, after successful surgery and a grueling 12 months of chemotherapy Neil is currently cancer free and he and his wife are expecting a child in a few weeks. On top of everything, Neil is in the middle of releasing his first beer, Gilded Empire, a 7.2% ABV New England IPA featuring Citra, Cashmere, and Lotus hops along with spelt and flaked oats. Make sure to get your hands on this beer with their convenient beer finder on their website

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