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Ep. 55

Happy International Women's Day! We have a really great episode lined up for all of our listeners! We are speaking with Maureen and Robin Fabry co owners of Craft Roots Brewing out of Milford Massachusetts. This brewery is the first 100 percent women-owned brewery in the state of Massachusetts! We discussed the history of Craft Roots, some trends going on in the beer industry currently, what's on tap at the brewery and the plan for the future of Craft Roots!

For more information on Craft Roots go to their website and make sure to follow them on social media too!

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Herb Lindtveit 

Earlier this week scrolling through our feeds on social media we read about the passing of Herb Lindtveit.

For those who do not know Herb. 

He was more than the brewery facilities manager at Jack’s Abby; he was the keystone that held these walls together, an educator that never stopped sharing his knowledge and passion, and a family man that was loved by all, not just those related by blood. Herb leaves behind a wife and four children.

Since Herb’s passing we’ve seen countless posts honoring him and thanking him for his contributions to our beloved industry.

Despite never having the pleasure of meeting Herb directly, this loss hit us hard, we kept thinking how can we help? 

Well we found out earlier in the week that Jack’s Abby is going to be brewing a beer in commemoration of Herb. At the request of the family, Jack’s Abby will be releasing a limited edition lager, In Herb We Trust. 

All proceeds will be going directly to supporting the Lindtveit family.

Here’s the website to buy the beer:

Jack’s Abby is throwing a Memorial Celebration on April 14th from 4pm-8pm at Springdale, where folks can pick up the beer that they pre-ordered:

The family has also set up a go fund me for additional support

Our Sincerest Condolences Go out to the Lindtveit Family and in Herb We Trust!

Music: K. Sparks 

K. Sparks had become an emerging Hip Hop artist with well-received appearances on numerous outlets such as XXL, Boi-1da, 2dopeboyz, DJ Booth, okayplayer, Kevin Nottingham, HipHopDX, All HipHop, Nahright, Tune Core, and hundreds of others. He proceeded to release his single 'Watching Me' on Power 105 DJ/Radio Personality DJ Envy's Audio Up Rising album to well received acclaim. In addition he released his single 'Needs vs Wants' on Nick Cannons Wildstyle Champs Album that also received notable attention. He continued to make a name for himself performing at numerous venues, such as The Underground Showdown opening up for Joe Budden and Talib Kewli. And then The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival featuring Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Q Tip, and MOP, as well as sharing the stage with the legendary Lords of The Underground. 

K. Sparks can be found at

Sound Engineer: Ryan Blaney

Ryan is a Sound Designer and Composer for Theater. He believe sound is a crucial part of the story telling process. Instead of seeing things that accentuate the story such as lights, costumes, scenery, and props, you hear it. As part of his designs he believes composing music is the best way of telling a story. Why grab something that someone has already written for a different purpose when you can create the sound palette from scratch in order to shape the story that the Director and the other story tellers want to tell.

Ryan can be found at

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