Crossing the Rubicon


Jackie Barrie, a speaker, trainer, freelance copywriter and author.

Season 4, Ep. 8

In this episode of the Conscious Business Podcast Joe Dalton speaks with Jackie Barrie.

Jackie is an accomplished Trainer, Speaker, Copywriter & Author. As a trainer she helps recruiters, freelance journalist and business owners. She also travels the UK and the world speaking about how to identify your core message and communicate it clearly. A professional copywriter for over 30 years, she still takes on selected copywriting work, mostly for people she already knows, or for projects she can't resist. Her new book is 'The Experiential Speaker': Icebreakers and energisers for speakers and trainers is laready out on Amazon. She also wrote a series of 'Little Fish Guides' for sole traders and small businesses, focusing on DIY Marketing, Networking, and Writing your own Website.

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