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  • 60. Better Communication

    I am joined by Michele Moliter, founder and CEO of Nectar Consulting. Michele is widely recognized for her expertise in helping high achieving professionals elevate their confidence and self-worth, leading to greater success in their careers.As a nationally acclaimed speaker, certified executive coach, and co-author of the best-selling book "Breakthrough Healing," Michele has earned the endearing nickname of the "Mind Detective" from her clients. Her exceptional ability to uncover and address underlying challenges sets her apart in the field.During our conversation, Michele unveils an incredible tool that revolutionizes communication dynamics between work colleagues and romantic partners. But here's the twist—she puts this tool to the test by analyzing the results of a quiz taken by yours truly. And that's not all! Michele has generously prepared a special code for you to personally experience the power of this tool at dignify.comDiscussed in this episode:Michele discusses her book "Breakthrough Healing" and how she utilizes RTT hypnotherapy as a rapid rewiring technique for the entire brain (2:35).How Michele's personal experience of being bullied out of her corporate job destroyed her confidence and led to the development of physical ailments (8:50).Your mid-life crisis can be viewed as your spiritual awakening. According to Michele, your greatest source of pain can transform into your greatest source of power and purpose (13:00).Learning to say NO with grace and grit (17:20)The dignify tool assists in identifying your intrinsic motivators, including your top 5 dignity traits and your 3 Do's and Don'ts. It serves as a roadmap for understanding how to treat others with dignity and be treated in the same way (20:45).Discover the 5 archetypes of self-doubt and determine which one resonates with you (26:30).Exploring the top 5 results of the test on and gaining a deeper understanding of the stressed states of our traits (28:30).Connect with Michele: the Dignify Snapshot – use the code NECTAR-L915Michele’s website KiedingerLet’s connect!FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInWebsite

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  • 59. Balancing Motherhood & Career

    From Yale to Managing Director of a leading tech platform: My guest, Hala Siraj, shares her story and insights on the joys and challenges of being a working motherin a world that expects "Women to work like they don't have children, and raise children as if they don't work" which is a recipe for Mommy guilt.Discussed in this episode:Growing up in a household where both parents worked and had high expectations for their daughter's career (2:00)The importance of having a support system when balancing motherhood and career, and letting go of the need to be perfect (5:30)Overcoming the struggle for perfection by using the "different people in the front seat of the car" analogy (11:15)Finding comfort in knowing that other successful women also struggle (14:30)Being a role model for her daughters and finding purpose in her work (16:45)Opinions on co-parenting and the challenges of balancing responsibilities (19:00)Experiencing guilt and pressure to fulfill the expectation of being a "perfect" mother, can cause Hala to stay up all night after missing a playdate to exercise (21:40)How Hala's previous job in investment banking prepared her for her current role (25:45)Dealing with doubts and stereotypes as a young female managing director (30:30)Connect with Hala:Instagram: LinkedIn: Email:  Let’s connect!FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInWebsite
  • 58. Total Wellness

    Join me for an insightful conversation on personal growth and wellness as I talk with my guest Rikimah Glymph. She is a writer, mentor, and advocate for equal rights and opportunity and her passion for challenging people to think outside of their comfort zones has led her to create innovative solutions necessary for actionable change. In her book, "Total Wellness: A Millennial & Gen Z Guide to Living a More Balanced Life," Rikimah highlights the concerning trend of younger generations becoming ill earlier than the previous generation and emphasizes the importance of practicing self-care.As the Founder and CEO of BWell365, a wellness brand, Rikimah provides resources and creates spaces for deep reflection and autonomy to drive sustainable and impactful wellness outcomes. Throughout our conversation, Rikimah candidly shares her own struggles with certain aspects of wellness and provides practical tips on how to navigate them. Join us for an enlightening discussion on the importance of total wellness and how we can all achieve a more balanced life.In this episode:We delve into the eight pillars of wellness that are crucial for a fulfilling life (6:00)We discuss how a lack of agency can lead to low energy and the ways to cultivate a sense of empowerment (9:25)The alarming trend of millennials and Gen Zs becoming sick earlier than previous generations highlights the importance of making positive changes in our lives (13:25)Rikimah shares how her upbringing in a chaotic and dramatic environment fueled her desire to help young people (18:00)The reasons behind repeating negative patterns and the willingness to lose things in order to break free from them (19:30)Rikimah opens up about her decision to homeschool her son and the benefits it brings to their lives (26:18) How to move away from leading with fear and embrace a more positive approach to life (34:20). References:Total Wellness: A Millennial & Gen Z Guide to Living a More Balanced Life Connect with Rikimah:’s connect!FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInWebsite
  • 57. The confidence to age gracefully

    This year I turn fifty. The BIG 50. Half a century! So I felt it was a good time to talk about seeing it as a blessing rather than a curse of getting older. It takes confidence to age naturally and gracefully these days, when most of the world expect you to use whatever means available to stay young. I share how I feel about the pressures and trolls on social media but mostly about how I maintain feeling young at heart. Discussed in this episode:How I feel about turning Fifty in a world that expects you to never age (1:50)Gaining the clarity to know what I want and then continue trying new things that interest me (3:45)How women can't win whether they allow themselves to age or whether they do whatever it takes to look young (6.40)Actress and model Andie MacDowell's healthy attitude about aging (7:05)My beauty care routine to stay youthful, naturally (10:15)Trolls and negative comments on social media (12:20)References:Four Weddings and a Funeral (movie)Green Card (movie)Maid (Netflix series)Let’s connect!FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInWebsite
  • 56. The power of self-reflection

    “In the summer of 2021, Hadeel decided it was time for a drastic change after her mental health had deteriorated and her friends had moved on without her. She realized she needed to stop living for other people and start living for herself. We talk about how she was able to overcome her depression, social anxiety, and eating disorder when she began listening to her own body and mind, as well as seeking professional support. Hadeel discovered many tools that continue to help her keep a balance in her life and listening to music is one of them. She is now pursuing an MBA with a focus on Social Innovation and following her passion in radio which is where I first heard her and knew I must have her on my podcast to share her inspirational journey of growth. Discussed in this episode:The turning point of Hadeel's life was when her mental health deteriorated and her friends abandoned her (1:47)How self- blame lead to Hadeel's depression and eating disorder (4:55)How to shift your focus to things you can change and let go of matters that are not in your control (6:57)Being alone differs from feeling lonely (14:07)The tools that help Hadeel resist falling back into the trap of societal and familial expectations (17:55)Hadeel shares valuable rules she now lives by (26:25)How music can be healing and helps process your emotions (29:25)A brief exploration of Drill rap music (34:07)Connect with Hadeel: obstacle is the wayLet’s connect!FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInWebsite 
  • 55. The confidence to speak up

    I discuss why speaking up and standing out can be so hard for so many people. Why is it we feel uncomfortable to even take up space sometimes or someone's precious time to share our thoughts and opinions about even the smallest things? I share how many women and myself chose to keep quiet about experiences of sexual abuse or even make light of it. Find out why we struggle to speak up and the small ways you can find your voice and grow in confidence.Discussed in this episode:Why speaking up or standing out can be so scary (1:00)The way that small steps can create large ripples and develop more confidence. I share examples of my own experiences with exercise, music and speaking up about sexual abuse that happened in my past (3:15)I share the reasons why oscar-nominated Actress/Director and writer Sarah Polley (with her film about abuse, WOMEN TALKING) suggests there are different ways we can speak up and explains why she never reported her abuser (10:45)My own story and how I plan on speaking up (15:30)References:Run towards the danger/ A collection of autobiographical essays by Sarah Polley’s connect!FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInWebsite
  • 54. Reversing Paralysis

    Natasha is a mum, serial entrepreneur, a transformation coach and hypnotherapist who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and was treated with Cortisone and Neurontin for years until she found a way to reverse her paralysis with Rapid Transformational Therapy. Her mission in life is to inspire, teach and motivate people to take control of their health, businesses and lives. She believes everything is fixable and figureoutable and has created an amazing ten step program which she shares on Breaking Free near the end of the episode.Discussed in this episode:Natasha's first flare up of Multiple Sclerosis was misdiagnosed (1:50)How steroids helped the flare ups but had very unpleasant after-effects (8:30)Natasha's world before Multiple Sclerosis (11:00)Paralysis hits for the first time (14:00)Discovering the damage Cortisone and Neurontin was having on Natasha's brain cells (18:30)Rapid Transformational Therapy with Marissa Peer becomes the answer to Natasha healing her flare ups naturally (21:00)Natasha trains in hypnotherapy and heals herself while she is snowed in and paralyzed while alone on holiday (25:10)The power of meditation with Joe Dispenza (28:05)The ten step program to having a healthier life is created (31:00)The power of fasting, sunshine and Ketosis with Dr, Courtney Hunt (37:10)References:Marissa Peer - Rapid Transformational TherapyDonna Eden - Energy medicineLouise Hay - You can Heal Your LifeDr. Courtney Hunt - KetosisJoe Dispenza - meditationsConnect with Natasha:Linkedin:’s connect!FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInWebsite