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Break the Case

SN2 EP07 | What the Autopsy and Crime Scene Reveal About Debbie’s Killer

Season 2, Ep. 7

With the New Year comes a BIG update: There is now a $15,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Debbie’s killer. No detail is too small. Anyone with information should report it to the Lubbock Police Department’s Crime Line at 806.741.1000. If you wish to remain anonymous, email your tip Senders’ personal information will be removed before tips are forwarded to Lubbock Police Department.

Listen to this episode to hear an in-depth analysis of Debbie’s autopsy report by a medical professional with more than 20 years of experience. The details revealed in this analysis provide further insight about how Debbie was killed and what that means about the killer. 

Jen and George continue building a profile of the killer using behavioral analysis. In this episode, they discuss their conversation with a retired FBI profiler and law enforcement veteran about the killer’s actions. Follow the investigation as Jen and George continue zeroing in on the killer.

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  • 1. SN2 EP01 | What Happened to Debbie Sue Williamson?

    In this season of Break the Case, American Military University’s Cold Case team investigates the 46-year-old unsolved murder of Debbie Sue Williamson, who was killed in her own backyard in 1975 in Lubbock, Texas. In episode one, hear from her sister, Liz Flatt, who shares her memories of Debbie, the months leading up to her murder, and the day her sister was brutally killed. Also hear from Debbie’s widow, Doug Williamson, who was married to Debbie for less than three months before he found her stabbed to death 17 times near the back step of their home. Subscribe to follow Jen Bucholtz and George Jared on their investigative journey to “Break the Case” for the family of Debbie Sue Williamson.
  • 2. SN2 EP2 | Proving Who DIDN’T Kill Debbie Sue Williamson

    In 1984, the now-infamous self-proclaimed serial killer Henry Lee Lucas confessed to murdering hundreds of people, including Debbie Sue Williamson. In this episode, learn how Debbie’s parents contested his confession and ended up spending $100,000 and going bankrupt to prove to police that Lucas could not have been Debbie’s killer. Hear firsthand accounts from reporter Phillip Hamilton, who has followed this case for 35 years, about how these events transpired and the animosity that grew between law enforcement, the District Attorney and other powerful authorities who did not like the work the Lemons’ were doing to disprove Lucas’ confession. Hear more details about the evidence in this case and the steps taken by AMU’s Cold Case Team investigators, Jen Bucholtz and George Jared, as they continue their work to “Break the Case” for the family of Debbie Sue Williamson.  
  • 3. SN2 EP3 | On Scene in Lubbock, Texas

    Investigators Jen Bucholtz and George Jared travel to Lubbock, Texas on the anniversary of Debbie’s murder to meet Debbie’s sisters, Liz Flatt and Paula Chasse, as well as, some of her friends. They see firsthand what Debbie’s residence looked like on the same day and time she was killed 46 years ago. Listen as theyrecreate the scene, deduce the likely actions of the killer, and gather more information about the nuances of the residence. During their time in Lubbock, they meet with the Lubbock Police Department and news media in order to get Debbie’s case back in the public spotlight.
  • 4. SN2 EP4 | Advancements in DNA Could Help Solve Debbie Williamson’s Case

    A key step in solving many cold cases is the processing of old evidence using new technology. In this episode, AMU professor and private investigator Jen Bucholtz interviews Francine Bardole, who has perfected a new and revolutionary DNA extraction technique called the Bardole Method. Learn how this technique separates and isolates forensic material from small pieces of evidence such as fingernail clippings, jewelry, and clothing. During this interview, Francine also discusses her 30+ years of law enforcement experience including working as a crime scene technician, the chain of custody of her DNA lab, and how the Bardole Method has been successfully used to extract DNA in cold cases, leading to arrests and convictions. Will the Bardole Method lead to the identification of Debbie’s killer?
  • 5. SN2 EP5 | What Type of Knife Was Used to Kill Debbie Sue Williamson?

    The murder weapon is always a critical piece of evidence in any homicide case. Although the knife used to kill Debbie Sue Williamson was never recovered, the autopsy photos and reports can provide insight into the type of knife used. In the fifth episode, Jen Bucholtz and George Jared interview Jeff Shafer, a professional knife-maker who has been studying and creating knives for years. Learn why he believes a M3 Trench Knife—a double-edged, military-style, high-quality knife—was likely used in this attack. He also sheds light on the likely order of stab wounds and how the killer attacked Debbie as she was leaving her house. Jen and George also discuss the timeline of events prior to Debbie’s murder and provide updates on the current re-investigation into the case by the Lubbock Police Department.Make sure to come and see us at Crime Con 2022 and use code 'BREAK' for 10% off standard badges!
  • 6. SN2 EP6 | CrimeCon, CrimeHQ and the Texas Cold Case Unit

    In this episode, hear about some exciting announcements that our team expects will be instrumental in bringing resolution to Debbie’s case in the New Year. Learn how Debbie’s case will be a featured presentation during CrimeCon 2022 in Las Vegas – come meet our investigators on Podcast Row! Also join CrimeHQ so you can collaborate with Jen and George and help solve this case! Lastly, hear from Mindy Montford with the Cold Case and Missing Persons Unit in Texas about how this unit is structured, including a retired homicide investigators’ task force. Happy Holidays from the team at Break the Case!Join us at CrimeCon 2022 in Vegas. Use our special promo code: BREAK for a 10% discount.
  • 8. SN2 EP08 | Debbie’s Friends Provide Recollections about her Murder

    Debbie’s friends have spent more than 46 years wondering who could have been enraged enough to brutally murder their sweet and likeable 18-year-old friend. In this episode, Jen and George talk to three people who knew Debbie and Doug. Hear their recollections about the months leading up to Debbie’s murder, how they learned of her death, and what happened in the aftermath of her brutal slaying. Also learn what close friends WON’T talk to Jen and George despite being eyewitnesses to the crime scene.Want even more in-depth details about Debbie’s case? Join Jen and George every week for a live session as a member of crimeHQ Cold Case Club. Each session focuses on a different aspect of Debbie’s case and feature expert guests or people involved with her case. Join the investigation today.
  • 1. SN1 EP01 | Investigating the Murder of Rebekah Gould

    In September 2004, 22-year-old college student Rebekah Gould was murdered near Melbourne, Arkansas. In the first episode, learn about the evidence in this cold case from Jennifer Bucholtz, a criminal justice and forensic science professor at American Military University, who has spent months reviewing and analyzing the facts of this unsolved murder.