Break the Case


S2 EP04 | Advancements in DNA Could Help Solve Debbie Williamson’s Case

Season 2, Ep. 4

A key step in solving many cold cases is the processing of old evidence using new technology. In this episode, AMU professor and private investigator Jen Bucholtz interviews Francine Bardole, who has perfected a new and revolutionary DNA extraction technique called the Bardole Method. Learn how this technique separates and isolates forensic material from small pieces of evidence such as fingernail clippings, jewelry, and clothing. During this interview, Francine also discusses her 30+ years of law enforcement experience including working as a crime scene technician, the chain of custody of her DNA lab, and how the Bardole Method has been successfully used to extract DNA in cold cases, leading to arrests and convictions. Will the Bardole Method lead to the identification of Debbie’s killer?

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