Break the Case


S2 EP02 | Proving Who DIDN’T Kill Debbie Sue Williamson

Season 2, Ep. 2

In 1984, the now-infamous self-proclaimed serial killer Henry Lee Lucas confessed to murdering hundreds of people, including Debbie Sue Williamson. In this episode, learn how Debbie’s parents contested his confession and ended up spending $100,000 and going bankrupt to prove to police that Lucas could not have been Debbie’s killer. Hear firsthand accounts from reporter Phillip Hamilton, who has followed this case for 35 years, about how these events transpired and the animosity that grew between law enforcement, the District Attorney and other powerful authorities who did not like the work the Lemons’ were doing to disprove Lucas’ confession. Hear more details about the evidence in this case and the steps taken by AMU’s Cold Case Team investigators, Jen Bucholtz and George Jared, as they continue their work to “Break the Case” for the family of Debbie Sue Williamson.  

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