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Running a Purpose Led Business with Nikki Lanier

Ep. 10

Taking a leap of faith to leave a secure job and start a business is always a very difficult decision. However, when your business idea is bigger than profit, your will to do it becomes so strong that it diminishes the fear of failure. This is especially so for people who are lucky enough to have their purpose align with their business’ core values.

Such entrepreneurs are able to overcome more challenges than most people would because they are more passionate. They also get an opportunity to unleash their God-given talents in a way that couldn’t have been possible in other fields. 

Today, I’m delighted to be joined by Nikki R. Lanier, founder, and CEO of Harper Slade – a

racial equity advisory firm focused on helping organizations advance equity for some and

equality for all. She’ll share with us her childhood experiences and how they relate to what she does, as well as the importance of aligning one’s efforts with their purpose.

Tune in to episode 10 of The Brand Therapist and learn the importance of aligning your efforts to your purpose.


In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Nikki’s childhood experiences and how they shape what she does today (01:10)
  • How her business promotes racial equity (02:37)
  • What her brand is all about (05:18)
  • The moment she realized she was famous (10:01)
  • The lessons that she has learned along the way (18:11)
  • The most rewarding part of the work she does (22:13)

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