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  • 85. The Death of Demographics. Generating Values-Driven Conversations with David Allison

    What if brands stop guessing what their target audiences want? What if there was a way to turn values into a measurable business metric? In this episode, the brilliant David Allison joins us to talk about Valuegraphics, the method he created to understand how people make decisions based on their values. David is a Speaker, Human Values Expert, Behavioral Scientist, Author, and Founder of the Valuegraphics Project. In his latest book, "The Death of Demographics: Valuegraphic Marketing for a Values-Driven World," David explains why demographics (people's age, gender, income, etc.) and psychographics (preferences, liked content, online behavior, etc.) are ineffective to create a genuine connection with target audiences, and using Valuegraphics to create values-driven marketing strategies is the definitive solution to the inaccuracy of demographic-based profiles. Throughout this episode, David talks about why values-driven organizations stand out and develop more meaningful connections with their audiences and how Valuegraphics can help brands develop personas with feelings and emotions. You'll also hear about David's purpose, biggest fear, the secret to becoming famous, and more.Tune in to episode 85 of The Brand Therapist and learn more about the life-changing concept of Valuegraphics. In This Episode, You Will Learn:About David's background and Valuegraphics' origin (3:00)David explains how Valuegraphics works (5:30)A turtle's funeral and the birth of an entrepreneur and performer (12:50)The secret to becoming famous (15:10)David talks about his greatest fear (21:20)Resources:Book: David Allison - The Death of Demographics: Valuegraphic Marketing for a Values-Driven WorldConnect with David:WebsiteValuegraphics LinkedInYouTubeTwitterLet's Connect!WebsiteLinkedIn
  • 84. Personal Branding Tips for Corporate Professionals

    Is it possible (or recommended) to work in your personal brand while still in corporate?Today's solo episode talks directly to corporate professionals who want to start their personal brand. It also brings valuable insights and The Brand Therapist's unique perspective on personal brand building.You'll hear about how personal branding works in a corporate setting, the importance of authenticity, and how to become a thought leader in a corporation through consistency and alignment with core values. You'll also hear top tips to help you build a legacy and create a massive impact, the importance of networking, recognition, consistency among platforms, and much more.Tune in to episode 84 of The Brand Therapist and learn why you must work daily on your personal brand because you ARE A BRAND whether you acknowledge it or not. In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about Yamilca's experiences with her personal brand in the corporate world (1:50)How not being allowed to express ourselves affects our performance at work (5:00)The importance of authenticity (7:10)Why being consistent across platforms is crucial (11:10)Aligning personal and corporate core values (16:30)Resources:Episode #79 - Tailor Your Tone of Voice to Your Archetype. Unleash the Power of Consistent Brand MessagingLet's Connect!WebsiteLinkedIn
  • 83. The Intersection Between Personal Care and Branding: Insights from Sharrarne Morton

    How does personal care translate to brand success?In today's episode, the inspiring Sharrarne Morton joins us to share her unique approach to branding and personal growth and how she mixes her vast experience in broadcast journalism and entertainment with her passion for elevating women of color to high-network and high-net-worth opportunities. Sharrarne is a seasoned CEO, Radio and TV Host, Voice Talent, and Writer. She is the CEO of Morton Media, hosts and produces shows for SiriusXM Radio, and is the Founder of Black Door Society, an organization created to help women of color get in touch with opportunities to increase their wealth and build a legacy. Throughout this episode, you'll hear Sharrarne's thoughts on personal growth, personal care and branding, and the importance of building boundaries, especially for caregivers. She also shares her fame story and biggest fears, and explains the difference between power and shallow networking.Additionally, we talk about the importance of mentoring, regardless of the industry your company belongs to, Sharrarne's trajectory in broadcasting journalism, and much more. Tune in to episode 83 of The Brand Therapist and learn more about Sharrarne's unique approach to branding, networking, and using influence and resources to elevate others.  In This Episode, You Will Learn:Sharrarne talks about her upbringing and how she discovered her vocation (3:10)Why setting boundaries is crucial, especially for caregivers (8:00)Sharrarne shares her fame story (11:30)About Sharrarne's biggest fear and how she deals with it (17:20)Why power networking is essential for your personal brand's growth (19:30)Connect with Sharrarne:LinkedinFacebookInstagramEmail: shar@sharrarnemorton.comLet's Connect!WebsiteLinkedIn
  • 82. Creating an Ideal Workplace Culture: Lessons from HR Anew's Deborah Stallings

    When a personal brand's ethos blends with a founder's mission in business, true love, and calling, not only will customers find answers to their problems, but workers will find an ideal culture to expand, grow, and evolve. In today's episode, I'm thrilled to welcome the amazing Deborah Stallings to talk about her personal brand, over 20 years of experience as an HR entrepreneur, passion for promoting healthy workplaces, leadership, and more. Deborah is a Transformational Leadership Mentor, Founder, President, Chief Strategist, and People Officer of HR Anew, and an expert in HR management, training, equal employment opportunities, recruiting, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her unique approach to HR allowed Deborah and HR Anew to work with employees from private companies, non-profits, and government sectors, like the Transportation Security Agency (TSA), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), among many others. Throughout this episode, you'll hear about Deborah's challenging upbringing, the fantastic way she handled them and turned them into her mission in life, and how all those experiences translated into her professional life, entrepreneurship, and leadership style. You'll also hear about her biggest fears, thoughts on leadership and community, the importance of inclusivity in business, and much more.Tune in to episode 82 of The Brand Therapist and learn more about what happens when a company truly supports and values its human resources.In this Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about Deborah's company and how she helps her clients (2:40)Deborah talks about her childhood (5:40)What's Deborah's personal brand about (8:30)Deborah talks about inclusivity's impact in the workplace and people's lives (19:40)"When the going gets tough, the tough get going" (25:20)Connect with Deborah:LinkedInHR Anew's LinkedInHR Anew Facebook HR Anew's WebsiteWorksmartAnew and HradviserAnewLet's Connect!WebsiteLinkedIn
  • 81. Preparation, Readiness, and Willingness to Take the Risk with Bryan Warren

    There are countless ways of establishing a personal brand, yet the ones that resonate more with any audience are the ones that scream authenticity, those that allow audiences to see right through. In today's episode, the inspiring Bryan Warren joins us to talk about the impact community arts initiatives have on society, mentorship, and creativity at the service of less favored populations, and the life-changing potential of keeping an eternal student mentality. Bryan is the Executive Director of Educational Justice, a non-profit created to help mid-schoolers improve their academic performance and social development by pairing them with high-achieving high-school peers for tutoring. Throughout this episode, you'll hear about Bryan's background and upbringing, his grandfather's influence that led to him becoming a lifelong learner, and his vocation for social services. We also talk about mentorship, the impact art can have in people's lives, his work at Educational Justice, Bryan's fame stories, and much more. Tune in to episode 81 of The Brand Therapist and learn more about Bryan's massive contribution to equitable access to education and a fulfilling life for all. In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about Bryan's work at Educational Justice (3:00)Inspiring others always to give their best can be a personal brand (7:10)Bryan shares two inspiring fame stories (9:40)How to deal with the fear of success (17:00)Lessons Bryan learned that transformed his life (24:00)Connect with Bryan:LinkedInFacebookEducational Justice websiteLet's Connect!WebsiteLinkedIn
  • 80. Why Authentic Leaders Always Trailblaze Sticky Situations with April Griffith Taylor

    When a leader is authentic, they not only save the time they would spend trying to portray someone they are not but also become instantly trustworthy. Nothing beats a leader who's vulnerable enough to show up authentically and humble enough to assume their errors and keep learning.In today's episode, I'm joined by the fabulous April Griffith Taylor to discuss authenticity, networking, and the differences being a lifelong learner can make in our lives. April is a Talent Acquisition Leader with over 30 years of experience in HR. Throughout her career, April has used her corporate platform to raise diversity, equity, and inclusion awareness in corporate America. We had a fantastic conversation about April's upbringing, leadership style, and passion for transforming the workspace into an inclusive and diverse environment. April also talks about the transformative power of authenticity on virtually every level of an organization and how subordinates and leaders can benefit from it.We also discuss empathy at the workspace, work-life balance, April's fears, significant accomplishments and lessons learned, and much more.Tune in to episode 77 of The Brand Therapist and learn more about April's unique approach to authenticity at work and our home lives. In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about April's upbringing (2:20)Authenticity will get you out of any sticky issue (7:00)What does being realistic mean to April (17:10)April shares a fame story (19:20)Being a lifelong learner will transform your life (24:30)Connect with April:LinkedInInstagramFacebookLet's Connect!WebsiteLinkedIn
  • 79. Tailor Your Tone of Voice to Your Archetype. Unleash the Power of Consistent Brand Messaging

    Adjusting your tone of voice to your archetype and being consistent with it is crucial to build a solid personal brand. By tailoring your tone of voice to your specific archetype, you'll create a persona that perfectly resonates with your superfans.  Today's solo episode is all about tone of voice, how to use it, make it match your archetype, and creating messaging that's consistent with it. You'll hear about what words are the perfect fit for each archetype and why aligning your archetype and tone of voice is crucial in branding. I'll also share examples of wording that showcase archetypes' qualities and values, and much more. Tune in to episode 79 of The Brand Therapist and discover the transformative power of matching your archetype with the right tone of voice.In This Episode, You Will Learn:Why should your tone of voice be aligned with your archetype (1:10)What's the tone of voice of each archetype (2:30)What happens when you tailor your tone of voice to your archetype ( 7:00)Some examples of phrases that fit specific tones of voice (9:20)Let's Connect!WebsiteLinkedIn
  • 78. Creating An Inclusive Workplace Culture 101 with Dr. Laura Methot

    Regardless of how flawlessly designed a growth strategy is, nothing changes until behavior changes. People bring strategies to life, so as long as the way of doing things isn't revised, goals and growth objectives will always feel more like a carrot in a stick than a finish line that gets closer. This week, Dr. Laura Methot visits us to discuss behavioral science, how she applies it to executive coaching, her passion for valuing, celebrating, and empowering people's differences, and the importance of creating a truly inclusive workplace culture. Dr. Laura is a Behavioural Scientist, Executive Advisor, DE&I Champion, Leadership and Culture Change Advisor at I&D 101, and an expert in helping executive teams connect the dots between their business ambitions and frontline execution. Throughout our conversation, you'll learn about Dr. Laura's background and how her mother's tendency to befriend people who didn't fit in the mainstream influenced her to work with diversity, equity, and inclusion. You'll also hear about Dr. Laura's unique approach to management and leadership, her thoughts on delivering a consistent message, her three biggest lessons learned, and more. Tune in to episode 78 of The Brand Therapist and learn more about how behavioral science can change your perspective on leadership, business management, and team building. In This Episode, You Will Learn:Nothing changes until behavior changes (1:40)We can't change our personality, but we can change how we behave (4:40)About how Dr. Laura's mom inspired her (5:20)The importance of delivering a consistent message (7:50)Dr. Laura shares the three biggest lessons learned (14:00)Connect with Dr. Laura:LinkedInI&D 101 websiteLet's Connect!WebsiteLinkedIn
  • 77. The Importance of Transparency, Authenticity, and Diversity in Branding with Chéla Gage

    Long-term hiring plans and initiatives are crucial to ensure brands' culture, goals, and identity. Without managers leading by example and teams following guidelines, culture would be just a meaningless statement. Today, I'm joined by Chéla Gage to discuss her role as an SVP of Talent, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging at Reformation, her thoughts on transparency, authenticity, and diversity in branding, and her previous experiences as Founder and Executive Director of Miles Above, a non-profit dedicated to America's Foster Youths. Throughout this episode, you'll learn about Chéla's childhood and upbringing, why she started Miles Above, and why she defines her personal brand as an empathetic leader. You'll also hear about Reformation's ethical and sustainable approach to fashion, why long-term hiring plans are crucial in branding, and much more. Tune in to episode 76 of The Brand Therapist to learn more about Chéla's inspiring initiatives to promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Chéla's childhood and upbringing (3:40)Leading as an empathetic leader (9:00)Chéla talks about her biggest fears (11:10)Chéla's biggest challenges in defining her brand (16:20)Connect with Chéla:LinkedInInstagramTwitterLet's Connect!WebsiteLinkedIn