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Community-Driven Entrepreneurship and Legacy Creation with Domonique Jones

Ep. 89

When an explorer leads a business, you can see their qualities transferred into it. You'll see a brand motivated by new adventures, avoiding repetitions, and constantly seeking cultural enrichment to improve as much as possible. 

In this episode, Domonique Jones joins us to talk about entrepreneurship, legacy, and self-improvement. Domonique is a multipreneur, is the Executive Director of Partnership in Property Commercial Land Trust (PIPCLT), the owner of a talent management company, Entertainment Promotion Enterprise (EPE), and a trucking company called Next Level Logistics that she co-owns with her husband. She also has a vast background working with non-profits, educating less favored populations on health issues and addictions, assisting children with incarcerated mothers, and providing mentorship and tutoring services in middle schools. 

Throughout our conversation, you'll hear Domonique's fascinating background story, her multiple interests, and her genuine desire to help others improve their lives. She also talks about why she believes that no amount of money can equal the reward of working on passion projects, how she dealt with her fears, the hard lessons entrepreneurship taught her along the way, and more.

Tune into episode 89 of The Brand Therapist and get inspired by Domonique's adventurous instinct and unstoppable will to help others improve their lives.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Domonique's background and upbringing (4:50)
  • Domonique's fame story (8:10)
  • What's Domonique's personal brand (12:40)
  • Domonique talks about one of the biggest hurdles she overcame (15:00)
  • Three lessons that entrepreneurship taught Domonique (18:00)

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