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  • what is cheating?

    in this week's episode, we dissect a fascinating dilemma that unpacks the bounds of interdimensional cheating! we discuss: what is it exactly that constitutes as cheating? how does monogamy culture affect this? and so much more!enjoy!!FOLLOW US ON US ON US ON TO OUR YOUTUBE

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  • what happens when we die?

    in this very spirally episode, we talk about near-death experiences! we recount the experiences of 2 people who claimed to die and come back to life, and we dissect the extent to which those accounts are fictional constructs or accurate depictions of the path into the afterlife. We also discuss the role of aliens in our cosmos, and the Garbovoi healing numbers ... and their effect on humanity. enjoy!!JOIN US ON BOBO&FLEX BIPOC FB US ON US ON US ON TO OUR YOUTUBE
  • meditation, trauma in the body & living in bad faith

    Yaay new episode! This week's episode is very chit-chatty and all over the place. We talk briefly about meditation and the ways in which trauma lives in the body. And then we discuss all the various ways that we tend to live in bad faith and differentiate between actively living vs passively settling into life's circumstances. And, so much more!!enjoy!!
  • ADHD, autism, mental health trends & the controversy of self-diagnosis

    Let's talk about mental health!! In this episode, we unpack the realities of being neurodivergent and learning to live in a society that is inherently ableist. We talk about some of the ways that society is disabling and how that lives alongside the online trends of depression/anxiety. We also talk about the controversy of self-diagnosis and how culture, class, gender and race complicate the issue. So much to unpack!! enjoy!!JOIN US ON BOBO&FLEX BIPOC FB US ON US ON US ON TO OUR YOUTUBE
  • is it ethical to lie to kids?

    This week we’re discussing the ethics of lying to kids. When, if ever, is it ethical to lie to your kids? How do we protect children's innocence and nurture their imagination and sense of fantasy without shielding them from reality? We discuss the context and cultural nuances that come with truth vs lies. We dissect the consequences of growing up under illusions. AND; we get into the growing trend of millennials hating kids. enjoy!JOIN US ON BOBO&FLEX BIPOC FB US ON US ON US ON TO OUR YOUTUBE
  • wedding culture, moral responsibilities & the paradox of selfishness

    We're back with a spicy and (very) divisive AITA. We discuss the age-old question "what do we *really* owe each other," and "what should we expect from each other?" We also discuss the toxicity of wedding culture and why romantic traditions carry so much weight. AND; we dissect why marriage has such a low success rate. enjoy!!JOIN US ON BOBO&FLEX BIPOC FB US ON US ON US ON TO OUR YOUTUBE
  • shrooms, drug culture and the wonders of the human mind

    What a spiraly conversation! this week, we're diving into the experience of psychedelics and how it affects your perception of life and self. We also discuss the politics of drug culture and the stigma's attached to certain drugs. We then finish off with a spiralyyyy conversation about all the different ways our minds work - and how that's all affected by the relationship one has with their mind. enjoy!JOIN US ON BOBO&FLEX BIPOC FB US ON US ON US ON TO OUR YOUTUBE