What is Allyship?

Season 2, Ep. 1

Allyship is defined as supportive association with another person or group. However, how does Allyship look like in the industry? Join our host Nene Harrison and our special guests to discuss.

Episode Guests:

Joy Dean Ad Tech Start Up specialist. Serial Entrepreneur. Launcher of businesses, my own other others, currently Director Strategic Partnerships at Invibes UK. My goal is to lead by example and share the learnings which have allowed me to develop over the last 16 years in digital advertising. From the US to UK, I've learned all skills and knowledge is transferrable, that everything happens for a reason and that we must all pay it forward.

Ella Kerr-McCutcheon is Business Development Director for the audio DSP Adswizz. She has been working in programmatic for the past 10 years in the predominantly male dominated world of digital publishing and media. As she was often the only woman at the table, it wasn’t until she found the support from the women’s network Digital Leading Ladies that she felt empowered to have a voice. She has seen first hand how valuable Allyship can be and looks to give the same support to others who feel like they aren’t being heard. 

Supriya Dev-Purkaystha is Commercial Director at ForwardPMX, Leading Digital Brand Performance Agency and has been in Digital Marketing for over 15 years. Named one of UK’s Top 100 BAME Leaders in Tech (2018). Supriya is currently Director of Outreach at MEFA (Media for All), where she leads MEFA’s initiatives to introduce children from Black, Asian and other Ethnic minorities to the world of Media and Advertising, supporting MEFA’s working in improving diversity in the indusrtry

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Hosted by Nene Harrison

Research by Ella Kerr-McCutcheon, Nene Harrison and Nana Opoku

Produced by Nana Opoku

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Sunday, June 20, 2021

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Season 1, Ep. 3
Bloom in Colour is an inclusion group within Bloom representing women of colour. Our members felt there was a lack of representation of WoC within the initial network, something that is reflected in our industry as a whole – and so Bloom in Colour was born! In this episode our host and Bloom member Kim Rowell is joined by two other brilliant Bloom members - Elizabeth Anyaegbuna, who is one of the founding members of Bloom in Colour, alongside Nana Opoku, one of Bloom in Colour's active and supportive members. Both Elizabeth and Nana are very successful women working within the media industry and in this episode of Naked Truths they talk candidly about their experiences as black women and the challenges that women of colour face within the workplace. Their honesty on this topic clearly shows there is still a lot more to be done as a community to educate ourselves and make positive change to tackle racism in the workplace, and society as a whole. We hope you enjoy this highly informative and moving discussion. Please let us know your thoughts and comments on this episode by contacting us by email -, or reaching out to us on Instagram @bloomuk_org / Twitter @bloomuk / or LinkedIn - Bloom UK. While you’re there, give us a follow! Bloom is a membership network for women in the media & marketing industry. Home of the Booth of Truth, we champion the real voices of women. For more information, check out our website at https://www.bloomuk.orgPodcast Host - Kim RowellPost Production - Kim RowellProducer - Laura JamesEpisode guests - Elizabeth Anyaegbuna & Nana Opoku