Blockchain Journeys


Jon Karas: The Hollywood producer behind the Akoin crypto

Season 1, Ep. 5

Did you hear the one about the Hollywood film producer who hangs out with a former Beatle and learnt about Bitcoin from Brock Pierce?

Jon Karas has produced films starring William Hurt, James Brolin and Peter Falk.

And he's now hooked up with Grammy nominated recording star Akon to launch the Akoin cryptocurrency in Africa.

We discuss:

  • Why Akoin isn't a charity and the token is designed to rise in value.
  • Why crypto is perfect for unbanked Africans
  • Akon is "bigger than Michael Jackson" in Africa and is thronged by crowds wherever he goes
  • How Brock Piece introduced Karas to Bitcoin.
  • The phenomenon of 'minutaires' in Africa - people who are rich in pre paid mobile phone minutes
  • Akoin's plans for microloans, finance dApps, identity verification

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