Blockchain Journeys


Europe's 'Crypto Prince' Michael | 'A New Financial Crisis Is Coming'

Season 1, Ep. 4

Prince Michael of Liechtenstein fears we only delayed the Global Financial Crisis, and another financial crisis is looming.


Bailouts, money printing and negative interest rates may have all helped stave off the inevitable but judgement day is coming.

"Well at the moment we are very efficiently kicking down the can along the road," he tells Blockchain Journeys. "That can go on for a while."

He says he expects the European Central Bank will continue to do "whatever it takes" with a loose monetary policy allowing countries to increase debt and inflate their way out of it.

"At the moment we did a monetary policy for more than 20 years to avoid a crisis."

"Yeah, so I see a crisis coming up."

[Also in this episode:]

*How ordinary investors can prepare for the upcoming crisis.

*Why negative interest rates are "dangerous"

*Issues with the financial system that cryptocurrencies may help with.

*How he first heard about Bitcoin.

*Why the tiny country of Liechtenstein - population 38,500 - has become one of the most blockchain and cryptocurrency friendly in the world.

*How he talked the godfather of Ethereum into moving his new project to Liechtenstein.

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