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Coinmarketcap's Carylyne Chan | How CMC will punish shady crypto exchanges

Season 1, Ep. 2

Coinmarketcap's new liquidity metric will radically alter the rankings of the top crypto exchanges - with three quarters of the current Top 20 wiped out when it goes live.

CMC's Chief Strategy Officer Carylyne Chan joins Blockchain Journeys to discuss why crypto exchanges wash trade in the first place, and why it took the organisation so long to do something about it.

"The higher you go in the rankings, the faster everybody discovers you," she explains.

"If you have a ranking, people are going to try and game that ranking. So it's on us to figure out how to evolve this so that we can make this market more efficient."

She explains the reason they chose liqudity as their new ranking metric, and why she thinks it will be a hard one to game.

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