Demi Lardner and Tom Walker are doing this and no-one can stop them. This is a podcast for no cowards.

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  • ep 282 - my wife has a 95% chance to fatally shoot this dog

  • ep 280 - a touch of class at the cinema

    Another crazy episode. did we talk about the funny long hair horse this time? if so it's the episode image! If not it's a bonus. For more bst, check out the patreon:
  • ep 279 - demi quest

    Ugh! Gah! You find yourself in a room filled with quests. Do you do them??! Wow!For video of this episode check out
  • ep 278 - melbounes nude bsrber

    I think it's a reasonable amount of shirts.If you'd like to listen ad-free, hear more bst, or WATCH this episode check us out on patreon!
  • ep 277 - gifts for my fun-loving boss

    episode available ad-free AND with a video option on patreon!Another Who's Grandpa that gives incredible insight into Tom, Demi, and the higher class of society. The people who are better than us. I love them I'd do anything for them I'd do anything for my wonderful boss
  • ep 276 - patrick's song

    it's a topsy turvy time where we released the patreon ep before the free ep! To see, or listen to, the patreon ep, click over here.Miniature horses and more in this episode. What a lovely time! Also Norm is the pic.