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Author Brian J. Morra - The Able Archer Series

Former U.S. intelligence officer and award-winning and best-selling author Brian J. Morra joins Big Blend Radio to discuss his thrilling Able Archer series that's based on true historical events.

BOOK 1: THE ABLE ARCHERS - US Air Force Captain Kevin Cattani and Soviet GRU Colonel Ivan Levchenko team up in the fall of 1983 to stop the worst nuclear crisis of the Cold War. 

BOOK 2: THE RIGHTEOUS ARROWS - Who can you trust when a cold war heats up and conflict seems inevitable? After collaborating to thwart nuclear war in "The Able Archers," Kevin Cattani and his Soviet counterpart, Ivan Levchenko, developed a deep mutual respect—but in The Righteous Arrows they are working against each other. Coming April 16, 2024, from Koehler Books. 

Watch for Brian on the Netflix special, “Turning Point: The Bomb and the Cold War."

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