Beyond Your WHY


Do the Right Thing, and Good Things Will Happen

Season 2, Ep. 36

Meet Ron Pattison. 

His WHY is Trust. 

Interviewed by WHY Institute Founder Dr. Gary Sanchez (Better Way).

Ron Pattison grew up in rural Montana. Ron graduated from the University of Montana with a B.A. in Business Administration in 1980. He specialized in Accounting. While there he was a walk on to the basketball team as a freshman. After graduating, Ron moved to New Mexico in 1982, where he began working in Public Accounting and received his CPA Certificate in August of 1984. After working for a national/international employee benefits firm, Ron opened Pattison Pension Specialists in Dec. of 1990. Ron has specialized in the design and administration of Defined Contribution Plans (DC), also known as 401 K plans, as well as many others. He is an avid sports enthusiast, as well sports fan and follows many different favorite teams.

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