Beyond Your WHY


The Golden Triangle To Building A Better Coaching Community With Keith Cupp

Ep. 36

Keith Cupp believes that there is a better way to build a coaching community that is not thought leader-centric. One that, when leaders step down, their brand continues to remain strong, and their wisdom continues to impact others even without their presence. And all of these involve a nice balance between people, performance, and profit.


As the President of Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches, Keith fulfills his why of “better way” by conceiving and executing long-term strategy, building great teams, and ensuring that coaches are cared for, successful, and positively impacting the world while having fun. In this episode, he joins Dr. Gary Sanchez to talk about a better way for coaches to optimize the balance between people, performance, and profit through the Golden Triangle. He also breaks down the difference between consulting and coaching and explains why it is even more important to build leaders that come after you.


If you wish to build a lasting coaching community, then allow Keith’s wisdom and experience to guide you to a better way of doing it in this conversation.


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