Beyond Your WHY


Innovating Lives, The Better Way With Paul Allen

Ep. 33

Paul Allen understands that relationship strengthening and viral marketing is the industry that requires constant learning how every trend affects decision-making in the family and the community. A platform's potential to be viral can be pointed to a growing community's interest and how well they build a discussion towards the platform's topics on how to innovate lives.


As the founder and CEO of Soar, Paul fulfills his why of "better way" by helping people unlock their potential through connection and utilizing the wealth of knowledge that has been accumulated over generations. In this episode, Paul joins Dr. Gary Sanchez to discuss how viral marketing is associated with progressing business and how family strengthening is achieved through different factors, not just by initial analysis.


Are you interested in the opportunities of growing your following and seeing opportunities in its early stages? Take part in the discussion and learn more from Paul's experience.

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