Beyond Your WHY


Embracing Pain to Avoid Suffering

Season 3, Ep. 16

Brian believes that embracing pain is a critical tool to our success, and by doing that we all must choose our pain or our suffering will choose us. 


On this week's episode of Beyond Your WHY, we meet Brian Bogert. Brian is a human behavior and performance coach who teaches his clients to leverage self awareness and intentionality to become the most authentic versions of themselves. He helps executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, and growth minded individuals learn this transformation approach that cultivates perspective and motivation to help them align their life with their true purpose and defy their own expectations. 


At the young age of 7, Brian was run over by a truck that completely severed his arm. This lead him to create one of his core beliefs: embracing pain to avoid suffering by refusing to be defined by what happened to him. 


Listen as he answers how to get to the core of who you are as an individual!


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