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Beyond Your WHY

The WHY Of Contribute: Why Life Is Not About You With David Mansilla

Season 4, Ep. 48

Whether we’re at our highest highs or lowest lows, we can always find lessons that will help not only our journeys but also others. This episode’s guest is especially passionate about extending his success to others, using his experiences to guide entrepreneurs to reach their full potential. Rightly so, because he moves through life with the WHY of Contribute. Joining Dr. Gary Sanchez is David Mansilla, the founder and CEO of ISU Corp, a custom software solutions company with clients ranging from start-ups to multi-million-dollar conglomerates. In this conversation, he shares with us his story from software consultant to starting his own company, bootstrapping, and growing it. David’s success was never without its own challenges, though. He almost went bankrupt multiple times. But this experience taught him the importance of his why. Tune in as David tells us more about the lessons he learned in his journey, not only to find success but also fulfillment.

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    Chris Baldizan is an influential figure in the entertainment industry, boasting a successful career with MGM Resorts International. In this enlightening episode, Chris shares his captivating journey from humble beginnings to becoming an executive vice president in one of the world's leading entertainment companies. His insights into mentorship, the art of listening, and the evolving entertainment landscape make him a compelling voice in the field.In This Episode, You Will Learn:-The Power of Mentorship: Chris attributes much of his success to the guidance of mentors who have shaped his career and decision-making.-The Importance of Listening: Discover how active listening has played a pivotal role in Chris's personal and professional relationships, offering valuable lessons for all.-Evolution of the Entertainment Industry: Gain insights into the transformative journey of the entertainment industry, from traditional shows to innovative live experiences.Chris Baldizan's remarkable career journey unveils the profound impact of mentorship, the significance of being a good listener, and the ever-changing world of live entertainment. Tune in to uncover the secrets behind his success and explore the dynamic evolution of the entertainment industry. Listen now for an inspiring conversation that may change how you view the world of entertainment.
  • 14. Rewrite Your Narrative: Fueling Confidence and Purpose with Loren Lahav

    Loren Lahav, a renowned empowerment expert and speaker, takes center stage in this episode of the Beyond Your WHY Podcast hosted by Dr. Gary Sanchez. Loren's expertise lies in helping women unlock their potential, realize their self-worth, and overcome self-doubt. Her profound insights have impacted countless lives, making her an indispensable figure in the realm of personal growth and empowerment.Three Major Takeaways:Own Your Worth and Banish Self-Doubt: Loren Lahav delves into the pivotal concept of self-worth and reveals powerful strategies to break free from the grip of self-doubt. Through her own experiences and expert advice, listeners gain insights into recognizing their value and building unshakable self-confidence.Embrace Authenticity and Set Boundaries: Loren emphasizes the importance of authenticity in aligning actions with personal values. Listeners discover the significance of setting clear boundaries in relationships and life pursuits, enabling them to navigate challenges and make decisions that resonate with their true selves.Transformative Rituals and Intentional Living: Drawing from her life-changing rituals, Loren shares the significance of intentional living. By practicing positive affirmations, anchoring oneself in empowering beliefs, and prioritizing self-care, listeners are equipped with practical tools to create a purposeful and empowered life.Ready to Elevate Your Life? Tune in to this episode as Loren Lahav and Dr. Gary Sanchez unveil the keys to transforming your self-worth, embracing authenticity, and crafting a life of purpose. Don't miss out on this insightful conversation that will inspire you to step into your greatness. Listen now to embark on your journey towards empowerment and self-discovery.
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    Father Nathan - Bridging Spirituality, Business, and RelationshipsIn this enlightening episode, we delve into the life and insights of Father Nathan, a Catholic priest who defies stereotypes by forging connections between spirituality, business, and relationships. Father Nathan's unique approach challenges the status quo and offers a fresh perspective on how to navigate life's challenges with love and purpose.Discover:Father Nathan's journey from engineering to priesthood and his mission to bridge the gap between spirituality and practicality.The power of love as a central value in both personal relationships and the world of business.How to find purpose and meaning by embracing challenges and viewing them as opportunities for growth.By listening to this episode, you will:Gain valuable insights into blending spirituality and business, and how these principles can enhance personal growth and professional success.Learn about the importance of seeing others as individuals to serve, cultivating deeper relationships, and spreading compassion.Explore the concept of challenging the norm, breaking stereotypes, and embracing humility as a path to personal development and making a positive impact.Tune in to this episode for a thought-provoking conversation that encourages you to rethink conventional boundaries and consider how love, challenge, and humility can transform your approach to business, relationships, and life.
  • 12. “Too Much” Is Your Magic: Keira Brinton’s Journey to Embracing Uniqueness

    In this episode of the "Beyond Your WHY" podcast, Dr. Gary Sanchez sits down with Kiera Brinton, a true embodiment of embracing authenticity and defying societal norms. Kiera's transformative journey showcases the power of challenging conventions and embracing one's unique self to unlock incredible personal growth and fulfillment. Her story resonates with anyone seeking to break free from conformity and step into their authentic power.Three Major Takeaways:Embracing Uniqueness: Learn how Kiera's refusal to conform to societal norms led to liberation and self-discovery, demonstrating the profound impact of embracing one's uniqueness.Overcoming Challenges: Discover how challenges and adversities can be pivotal moments for growth, serving as catalysts for transformative life changes and newfound purpose.Creating Impact: Explore the concept of being "too much" and how it can actually be your superpower, leading to the creation of communities, connections, and world-changing impacts.Unlock the secrets to embracing authenticity and unleashing your unique power by tuning into this episode. Join Kiera and Dr. Sanchez as they delve into the transformative journey of self-discovery, offering valuable insights and inspiration to all who are ready to break free from the confines of societal expectations.
  • 11. The Path to Cash: The Door Opening Strategy with Caryn Kopp

    In this episode, we had the privilege of hosting Caryn Kopp, a seasoned expert in sales messaging and business development. Caryn's extensive experience has made her a master of opening doors to new business opportunities, and her insights are invaluable for anyone looking to enhance their sales strategies.Discover the Power of Value: Caryn emphasizes the importance of focusing on the value your product or service offers rather than just highlighting differentiation from competitors. Learn how to craft compelling messaging that resonates with prospects.Unveil the Right Prospects: Targeting the right prospects is critical. Caryn discusses effective methods to identify and engage prospects who are more likely to convert, saving time and effort.Overcome Objections with Confidence: Caryn shares proven techniques for anticipating objections and crafting responses that address prospects' concerns. Gain insights into handling objections to move prospects closer to a sale.Tune in to this episode to gain insights into refining your sales messaging, identifying prospects, and handling objections with finesse. Unlock Caryn's expertise and take your sales strategies to new heights.Whether you're a business owner, a sales professional, or anyone interested in mastering the art of sales messaging, this episode is a must-listen. Elevate your sales game by understanding the value-centric approach, prospect targeting, and objection handling strategies shared by Caryn Kopp. Don't miss out—listen to the full episode now to transform your sales approach.
  • 10. Growth Hacking with Contact Marketing

    Stu Heinecke is a renowned author, cartoonist, and pioneer in the field of contact marketing. His expertise lies in using creative and personalized approaches to connect with high-profile clients and decision-makers. Through his innovative strategies, he has achieved remarkable success in getting meetings with almost anyone, resulting in significant business growth and opportunities.Three major things you will learn in this episode:The power of contact marketing: Discover how Stu Heinecke's unconventional methods, like sending personalized cartoons, can break through barriers and secure meetings with even the most elusive prospects.Nurturing valuable connections: Learn the art of building and maintaining strong relationships with key individuals in your industry, leading to fruitful partnerships and collaborations.Implementing creativity in marketing: Uncover the importance of creativity in your marketing campaigns and how innovative ideas can give you a competitive edge in the market.Don't miss out on this insightful episode as Stu Heinecke shares his remarkable journey and imparts invaluable wisdom that can revolutionize your approach to marketing and business growth. Tune in now to gain exclusive access to the mind of a marketing maverick!
  • 9. The Playbook for Leaders and Organizations: A Better Way to Grow

    In this episode of Beyond Your WHY Podcast, we're privileged to host Robert Glazer, a distinguished entrepreneur, author, and the Founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners. Recognized for his contributions to performance marketing, culture-building, and leadership development, Glazer has been named #2 on Glassdoor's list of Top CEOs of Small and Medium Companies in the US. His profound understanding of business dynamics and leadership makes this episode a must-listen for anyone aiming to elevate their personal and professional journey.Join us and delve into:The Importance of Core Values: Discover how these guiding principles, unique to each individual or organization, shape decisions and behaviors, and learn why it's crucial to identify and uphold your core values.The Impact of Overusing Strengths: Understand how over-reliance on strengths can lead to challenges, such as micromanagement or lack of delegation, and learn strategies to balance and effectively utilize your strengths.The Intersection of Core Values and WHY: Explore the powerful connection between a person's core values and their "why", and how understanding this intersection can offer deep insights into behavior and motivations.Don't miss this chance to learn from one of the industry's most respected leaders. Tune into the episode now to uncover valuable insights that can transform your approach to life and work.
  • 8. Form Shy to World-Class Speaker: Joel Weldon's Secrets To Becoming a Powerful Speaker

    In this episode of Beyond Your WHY Podcast, we are joined by the remarkable Joel Weldon, a Hall of Fame speaker and renowned speaking skills coach. Weldon's journey from a shy, self-conscious individual to a top-tier speaker is a testament to his belief in the power of mindset and the importance of effective communication. His story is not just inspiring, but also provides valuable insights for anyone looking to improve their speaking skills and personal growth.By tuning into this episode, you will discover:The Impact of Mindset: Joel shares his experience of struggling in sales until he changed his mindset. He learned from Earl Nightingale's "The Strangest Secret" that "you become what you think about," which led to a dramatic improvement in his sales performance.The Power of Speaking: Understand why communication skills and public speaking are crucial in personal and professional growth, potentially increasing one's value by 50%.The Impact of One Idea: Hear Joel's personal experience on how a single idea or sentence can change your life forever.Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from Joel Weldon's transformative journey and his invaluable insights on effective communication. Listen to the episode now and take the first step towards enhancing your speaking skills and personal growth.
  • 7. Discover the Key to Captivating Your Audience: Secrets to Effective Speaking Revealed

    In this episode of the Beyond Your WHY Podcast, join host Dr. Gary Sanchez as he welcomes Joel Weldon, a renowned speaker and expert in communication skills. Joel's journey from being paid just $25 for his first speech to commanding $25,000 per presentation showcases his expertise and the value he brings to the table. With over 274 presentations in 1974 alone, Joel's speaking system has been refined through years of experience, making him a trusted authority in the field.Listen and uncover...The Power of "You": Discover how addressing your audience directly as individuals can create a deeper connection and engagement, elevating your speaking skills to new heights.Secrets of Impactful Openings and Closings: Learn how to captivate your audience from the very beginning and leave a lasting impression with powerful closing statements, ensuring your message resonates long after you've finished speaking.Harnessing the Power of Quotes: Understand why quotes are an essential tool in your speaking arsenal, and learn how to effectively utilize them to amplify your message and engage your listeners.If you're looking to enhance your communication skills, connect with your audience on a deeper level, and transform your speaking abilities, this episode is a must-listen. Join Dr. Gary Sanchez and Joel Weldon as they share invaluable insights and strategies that will help you become a more effective and influential speaker. Tune in now to unlock the secrets of persuasive speaking and unleash your full speaking potential.Listen to the full episode now to gain valuable knowledge and take your speaking skills to the next level.