Beyond Your WHY


Bouldering Up The Hill to Snowball to Success

Meet Manuj Aggarwal.

His WHY is Challenge.

Manuj is an entrepreneur, investor, author, and

podcast host. He started his career at the age of

15, working in a factory for twelve hours a day,

six days a week, earning a cool $2 per day

While Manuj had no contacts or resources, he

was determined to improve his life. With hard

work, his insatiable curiosity to learn new

concepts - he continued to make stellar

progress professionally while his personal life

suffered. He was on the verge of divorce and

losing his kids.

This prompted him to go on an arduous

a personal journey to find the solutions to life's

endless problems.

Now, he has discovered the secrets to building a

fulfilling life. He basically reverse-engineered

his life journey and came up with a system

which can be applied in anyone's life to attain

whatever they want - money, fame, love, health

and so on.

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