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Season 4, Ep. 2

PSA: For the time being, BL will be posted every 2 weeks

Katie, Christina and Thandi are taking on an array of sober adjacent topics this week just in time for Sober October. What is the sobercurious movement? How do you evaluate alcohol's role in your life? And what needs to be done to make non-alc just as normal as drinking? We chat about the state of alcohol on mental and physical health (shout out to those who work in the alcohol biz!) and ruminate on generational gaps when it comes to booze and labels.

What we’re drinking:

  • Kinnegar - Rust Bucket
  • Hope - Hop Off


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  • 6. Early Modern Brewhouses with Dr Susan Flavin

    This week we’re talking to Dr Susan Flavin, a food historian who recently has been part of an epic project to recreate a 16th century brewhouse and brew a beer of the time. In this fascinating project - link below - the team used a recipe based on a beer once served in Dublin Castle, in order to not only taste it, but to learn more about the role beer played in the early modern period. This one will tickle the beer history nerds and casual beer fans alike!ICYMI: For the time being, episodes will be posted every 2 weeks.What we’re drinking:Kettlesmith x Woolley Grange -  Alchemy GruitBallykilcavan - Bambrick’s BrownLinks:The FoodCult Project: Early Modern Beer: An Interdisciplinary Case-Study: and Power in Dublin Castle: on Twitter/X: @flavin_susan Beer Ladies Links: #beerpodcast #beerhistory #irishbeerhistory
  • 5. Radka from Hop Glossy

    PSA: For the time being, episodes will be posted every 2 weeks.Also, there are a few little gremlins with the sound. We tried our best to get them..It’s official - Ireland has a dedicated Craft Beer magazine! This week we chat to Radka, a Slovakian native who’s been in Ireland for a good few years, and has bounced all over the beer scene culminating in Hop Glossy - a digital magazine dedicated to sharing the news and brews of the craft beer scene. The story is awesome, and so is Radka - let’s show her some support!What we’re drinking:Hope - Seasonal Red 2024Outer Place Brewing - Sacred Cycles hazy IPAHopfully - Shinebright IPALinks:Hop Glossy: Glossy on Instagram: on Instagram: Ladies Links: #craftbeer #beerpodcast #beermagazine
  • 4. Beer and Horror Movies

    PSA: For the time being, BL will be posted every 2 weeksHave you ever thought about pairing Horror Movies? We have! Join resident horror movie buffs Christina and Lisa convince Thandi that horror movies can be cool, especially when there’s a delicious brew to go with it. Let us know your favourite pairings in the comments.Thanks so much to for sponsoring this video!What we’re drinking:Whiplash - The Mash and the FuryBallykilcavan - Bambrick’s Brown AleCanvas- Road Not Taken, XXX stoutLinks:Ghostlore: Worth: Hearts: Tractate Middoth: Ladies Links: #craftbeer #beerpodcast #spookyseason
  • 3. Jo Hart from The Ghost Trail

    PSA: For the time being, BL will be posted every 2 weeksLisa and Christina are embracing spooky season and going ghost hunting! Our guest this week is Jo Hart from The Ghost Trail which is a spooky series exploring haunted sites, abandoned & forgotten places, strange phenomena and people's weird experiences around the UK & beyond. Follow Jo’s series in the links below.Thanks so much to for sponsoring this video!What we’re drinking:Wicklow Wolf - Moonlight NA hoppy AleLinks:The Ghost Trail on Youtube: Ghost Trail on Instagram: Ladies Links: #craftbeer #beerpodcast #spookyseason
  • 1. We're back! Welcome to Season 4

    PSA: For the time being, BL will be posted every 2 weeksThe Beer ladies are back in your ears and on your screens! We've missed you all and yet enjoyed our summers - hope you did too.This week we’re catching up on all things summer, festivals, what we drank, where we visited, as well as giving you all a sneak peek into Season 4. It’s good to be back!What we’re drinking:AsahiSesh - IPABallykilcavan - Bambrick’s BrownBeer Ladies Links: #craftbeer #beerpodcast #beerladies #womeninbeer
  • 36. Summer Roundup - season finale

    It’s our season finale - Lisa, Thandi, and Katie are following Christina’s lead and taking some time to recharge. We talk about our summer plans including travels, beer fests and socials, as well as beer and beery things we’re looking forward to. We want to hear from you! What types of episodes have been your fave this season? Let us know in the comments or on the socials - we’ll see you near Aug/Sep. As usual, thank you for listening/watching and if you’d like to support the podcast, hit our linktree below.What we’re drinking:Hope - Hop Off (AF IPA)Heaney - Notifications Off (Pale Ale)Franziskana - WeissBeer Ladies Links: #craftbeer #beerpodcast
  • 35. Saison - Style Series

    After the intro to Belgian beers last week, we’re tackling a big one this week: Saison. What it is, how it’s brewed, what it tastes like.. And if it should even be considered one style at all ;)What’s your fave saison? Let us know in the comments!What we’re drinking:Saison du PontBullhouse Brewing Company- The Void Black IPAHopfully - LonglegsCraft Brewing Company (Rye River) - Belgian SaisonLinks:Saison: A story in motion - writer that saved a style - Dupont - Saison - Live - Womens Beer Collective - - Ladies Links: #bjcp #saison
  • 34. Intro to Belgian Beers - Style Series

    This week we’re doing a shallow and broad overview of the variety of beer styles from Belgium. Belgian Beers are some of the most coveted in the world; we talk about the different style, what makes them taste so distinct from other styles, and whether glassware matters.What we’re drinking:Duvel - Belgian Strong AleBoon - Gueze Mariage ParfaitThe Musketeers - Troubadour Imperial StoutLinks:Beginners guide to Belgian Beer: Beer Styles: Ladies Links: #bjcp #belgianbeer