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Housewives & Brewing

Season 3, Ep. 4
Did you know that brewing in the home was not just for family consumption? Did you know that passing on recipes for and using ale/beer was a practice not only documented through letters and books but also tells us a whole bunch about women’s roles in the home as well as the broader economy? Listen up as Christina, Lisa, Katie, and Thandi go through housewives and brewing through the early Modern era, and why it’s so damn fascinating.  Links:Words about Women’s Work: The Case of Housewifery in Early Modern England - Ann C. Christensen | University of Houston - Housewife in Early Modern Rural England: Gender, Markets and Consumption - Jane Whittle & Elizabeth Griffiths - Women in the Public Sphere in Early Modern England: The Case of the Urban Working Poor - Diane Willen - the Home: Space and Agency in the Experiences of Female Service in Early Modern England - Charmian Mansell -, Work and Sociability in Early Modern London - Tim Reinke-Williams -‘Whipt with a twig rod’: Irish manuscript recipe books as sources for the study of culinary material culture, c. 1660 to 1830 MADELINE SHANAHAN* John Hume Institute for Global Irish Studies, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, p. 204. - battered apple fritters - Braciatrix we’re drinking:Crew Brewing Co - Acapulco Gold (Pale Ale) - Low Rider (Micro IPA) rascals - Double Rye IPA - Fresh Hop Kölsch Ladies Links: #womeninbeer #beerpodcast

Cider & Perry

Season 3, Ep. 1
We’re back for Season 3 and in the first episode, we’re tackling the beer-adjacent Cider & Perry. Do you enjoy a cider? Do you (gasp) put ice in yours? How do we classify these fruit-based drinks and how would you make one? Listen along as Thandi, Katie and Christina break it down, as well as chatting a bit about the history of Cider and Perry.Sources:A Mouthful of Diversity: Knowledge of Cider Apple Cultivars in the United Kingdom and Northwest United States - A Mouthful of Diversity: Knowledge of Cider Apple Cultivars in the United Kingdom and Northwest United States on JSTORWASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY history of cider: History of Cider | WSU Cider | Washington State UniversityRichard Pococke 1752 tour: Part 67 of Pococke's Tour in Ireland in 1752 and Part 59 of Pococke's Tour in Ireland in 1752Susan Lyons Paper: Food plants, fruits and foreign foodstuffs: the archaeological evidence from urban medieval Ireland on JSTORMaking Cider: is Cider: Cider Guidelines: and we’re drinking:Fruit Orchard - Pineapple Raspberry Cider: House - Medium Dry Cider: Ladies Links:

Oldest pubs in Ireland

Season 2, Ep. 34
It's our SEASON FINALE! We're off to enjoy a summer break (beer fests, anyone?) and will be back in your ears in August. In the meantime... What is the oldest pub in Ireland? Christina, Lisa, Katie, and Erica look into the history, defining “pubs”, defining the question itself, raising issues of archaeology, and sifting through myths vs. facts.Sources:A Dictionary of British & Irish History | Google Books - is The Oldest Pub in Ireland? | Over in Ireland - archaeology of medieval James’s Street, Dublin | Antoine Giacometti - Irish pub born in the Dark Ages | BBC Travel - dig up Rovers Return of Middle Ages; Lichfield’s largest-ever archaeological dig uncovered one of the city’s oldest pubs. Neil Connor pulls up a barstool and examines the drinkers that time forgot - and Gaelic women in Ireland c. 1277-1534: a study of the conditions and rights of single women, wives, widows, and nuns in late medieval Ireland | Gillian Kenny Brazen Head re-visited | Timothy Dawson Beers in this episode:Rye River, Ireland - ‘Backwaters’ American Wheat - Barrel, Ireland - ‘Some Dance To Remember’ Extra Pale Ale - Shannon, Ireland - ‘Martello Tower’ IPA -, Ireland - ‘Alma’ Witbier - the Beer Ladies here:YouTube - - Twitter - -'t forget, you can get our *brand new* merch here - follow, like, comment, share, rate, review, subscribe, tell a can also support us on BuyMeACoffee (Beer) -

Building a Beer Library

Season 2, Ep. 33
Lisa, Christina, and Erica have been busy researching the best books and online sources (as well as a documentary) to help you build your very own beer library. While most of their suggestions are academic, historic, and technical, there are a few fun ones too! Some points of consideration they mentioned include bibliographies, budget, ethics, space, and sustainability.Sorted by author's surname, here are the titles they recommend:Acitelli: The Audacity of Hops Annemüller & Manger: Applied Mathematics for Malting & Brewing Technologists Annemüller, Manger, & Lietz: The Yeast in the Brewery Bamforth: Beer Health & Nutrition Boak & Bailey: 20th Century PubBoulton & Quain: Brewing Yeast & Fermentation Briated: Goodnight Brew Briggs, Boulton, & Stevens: Brewing Science & Practice Brown: Man Walks into a Pub Cantwell: Starting Your Own Brewery Cole: Let Me Tell You About Beer. The Little Book of Craft BeerDredge: Beer & Food Matching. The Beer Bucket List Fix: Principles of Brewing Science Hennessy & Jensen: Sláinte Hieronymus: Brew Like a Monk. For the Love of HopsHoalst-Pullen & Patterson: Atlas of Beer Jackson: The Pocket Guide to Beer. Ultimate Beer Kunze: Technology Brewing & Malting Lewis & Young: Brewing Mallett: MaltMarkowski: Farmhouse Ales Ogle: Ambitious Brew Oliver: The Oxford Companion to Beer Palmer & Kaminski: WaterSmith: The Beer Enthusiast’s Guide Sparrow: Wild Brews White & Zainasheff: Yeast Woods & Rigley: The Beers of France. The Beers of WalloniaOnline Sources:Celt: Depositions - Registers - Barnard Books -{History}FoodTravel - - English Books Online - - Belongs To Us - - in this episode:Sierra Nevada, USA - ‘Celebration’ IPA -, Ireland - ‘Summer Seasonal 2022’ Pale Ale -, Ireland - ‘Dark Steering’ Schwarzbier - us on all the socials and grab our merch / buy-me-a-coffee links there ;)