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Oldest pubs in Ireland

Season 2, Ep. 34

It's our SEASON FINALE! We're off to enjoy a summer break (beer fests, anyone?) and will be back in your ears in August. In the meantime... What is the oldest pub in Ireland? Christina, Lisa, Katie, and Erica look into the history, defining “pubs”, defining the question itself, raising issues of archaeology, and sifting through myths vs. facts.


  • A Dictionary of British & Irish History | Google Books -
  • What is The Oldest Pub in Ireland? | Over in Ireland -
  • The archaeology of medieval James’s Street, Dublin | Antoine Giacometti -
  • An Irish pub born in the Dark Ages | BBC Travel -
  • Experts dig up Rovers Return of Middle Ages; Lichfield’s largest-ever archaeological dig uncovered one of the city’s oldest pubs. Neil Connor pulls up a barstool and examines the drinkers that time forgot -
  • Anglo-Irish and Gaelic women in Ireland c. 1277-1534: a study of the conditions and rights of single women, wives, widows, and nuns in late medieval Ireland | Gillian Kenny 
  • Brazen Head re-visited | Timothy Dawson 

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