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Season 3, Ep. 17

2023 has kicked off with a bang - we did a live recording at Rascals in Inchicore, a first for both us and Rascals. We chatted January traditions (from dry to try as well as Nollaig na mban (Women’s Christmas) as well as expectations and resolutions for the new year in beer. Thank you so much to everyone who joined us in the crowd, and we hope you listening at home feel as if you were there with us. And a final huge thanks to Rascals for inviting us and handling all the sound and advertising, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

What we’re drinking:

  • Rascals - Low Rider
  • Rascals - Club Orange Shandy
  • Rascals - Nitro Stout

All available from Rascals -

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  • 12. Pear Cider (Perry) with Barry Masterson

    This week Lisa and Christina chat with Barry Masterson; an Irish-born, German-based cider and perry maker. Listen to Barry’s journey to Perry through the world of homebrewing and farming. We chat about what Perry tastes like, the challenges with making it, and why it may have the most interesting history of all the alcohols!Thanks for joining us, Barry! You can find his links below.What we’re drinking:The Cider Mill: Poirai (x2)Links:Three Irish perry producers: Killahora Orchards (Cork), The Cider Mill (Slane), Llewellyns Orchard (Lusk)Kertelreiter Cider & Perry, Schefflenz, Germany www.kertelreiter.deBarry’s Twitter (X): on Bluesky: Cider & Perry on X: Cider & Perry on Instagram: Review: Medieval songs are here: articles by Barry:, A drinkers guide: Ladies Links: All the beerladies links: Christina’s book: The Devil’s in the Draught Lines -’s Pub Guide:’s (occasional) blog: #beerpodcast #farmtoglass #perryandcider
  • 11. Norwegian Farmhouse Beer with Lars Marius Garshol

    This week Lisa and Christina chat with Lars Marius Garshol, a Norwegian beer history writer. He has a special interest and has written several books on Farmhouse brewing in Europe. Listen as we learn about how Farmhouse brewing was done, the way it evolved, and why it’s still current and relevant; a few myths are busted along the way. What we’re drinking:Bygland Bryggeri: Framgarden Farmhouse aleBallykilcavan: Clancy’s Cans 12 IPALinks:Lars’ blog with book links: Ireland and Ale: and Lars on the Beoirfest podcast: Ladies Links: All the beerladies links: Christina’s book: The Devil’s in the Draught Lines -’s Pub Guide:’s (occasional) blog: #beerpodcast #farmhousebeer #beerhistory
  • 10. Re-Turn: Can Deposit Scheme

    On 1 February 2024, Ireland launched the new return deposit scheme called Re-Turn. It’s essentially a recycling initiative, where you pay a bit extra on your cans (and some plastics) and then get it back when you return them to the Re-Turn “vending machines”. Sounds good right? Well… the beer industry has a lot to say about it, as do customers. This week we chat to Caoimhe from and Leah from Whiplash Beer to get the inside scoop.What we’re drinking:Whitefield Brewery ‘The Viscount’ WeizenbockWhiplash Beer: Body Riddle Pale AleTwo Sides Brewing: Talus in Wonderland IPALinks:Re-turn can deposit scheme: Beer: Ladies Links: All the beerladies links: Christina’s book: The Devil’s in the Draught Lines -’s Pub Guide:’s (occasional) blog: #beerpodcast #irishbeer
  • 9. Nuns & Beer

    It’s St Brigid’s Day in Ireland and we’ve covered her before (S1E14) -but this week we thought we’d give a nod to the other monastic women in brewing, by honouring the nuns that brewed like (and with!) monks. Particularly, we focus on Hildegard of Bingen, a 12th century German Abbess who is responsible for many things, including the first (surviving) written history of the use of hops in beer. She sits alongside St Brigid (albeit unofficially) as the patron saint of beer!Also, listen to what Christina and Lisa have been up to. Books! Blogs! All the things!What we’re drinking:Rascals - Cold IPALucky Saint NA Unfiltered LagerLinks:Female Monstacism in Medieval Ireland by Tracy Collins - of Bingen: Wiki - of Bingen and music: 101: Hildegard of Bingen - Hildegard of Bingen: & Brewing dictionary: Hildegard of Bingen -’s epic jumper from Closet Brewing (women owned, based in Edinburgh): Ladies Links: All the beerladies links: Christina’s book: The Devil’s in the Draught Lines -’s Pub Guide:’s (occasional) blog: #beerpodcast #beerhistory
  • 8. British Bitter: Style series

    We’re kicking off 2024 with a not-so-deep dive into the world of British Bitters; what they are, why they’re different (or not…) to adjacent styles and we tackle perceptions of them. Sadly, they’re not widely available in Ireland. We talk about how different the beer and pub culture are between us and our neighbours, the UK, and this includes Bitter and cask beers in general. What we’re drinking:Eight Degrees Brewing - Sunburnt Irish Red AleBallykilcavan - Brickyard RedLinks:Bitter: guidelines on Bitter: did ‘bitter’ become the beer style that dare not speak it’s name: one Irishman’s ginger beard helped launch an entirely bogus style of beer: Ladies Links: #beerpodcast #christmasgifts
  • 7. Hoppy Christmas 2023

    It’s the most wonderful time for a beer! Yes yes, we are cheesy sometimes, but hey - it’s Christmas; it’s allowed! This week we’re back with our Christmas Gift guide - so if you’ve left it til the last minute to buy your beer-loving pals a gift, we’ve got you covered. We’re also looking forward to a few weeks break, since we are TIRED. So we’ll see you all in 2024 - have a great festive season all!What we’re drinking:Hope - Winter Seasonal 2023 Red AleOriginal 7 - Barrel Aged Series (Extra Stout aged in Jameson barrels)Honeyhill Spiced Apple DrinkLinks:Original 7 - Apple drink: Christmas gift guide:’s merch shop: own merch shop: Ladies Links: #beerpodcast #christmasgifts
  • 6. Early Modern Brewhouses with Dr Susan Flavin

    This week we’re talking to Dr Susan Flavin, a food historian who recently has been part of an epic project to recreate a 16th century brewhouse and brew a beer of the time. In this fascinating project - link below - the team used a recipe based on a beer once served in Dublin Castle, in order to not only taste it, but to learn more about the role beer played in the early modern period. This one will tickle the beer history nerds and casual beer fans alike!ICYMI: For the time being, episodes will be posted every 2 weeks.What we’re drinking:Kettlesmith x Woolley Grange -  Alchemy GruitBallykilcavan - Bambrick’s BrownLinks:The FoodCult Project: Early Modern Beer: An Interdisciplinary Case-Study: and Power in Dublin Castle: on Twitter/X: @flavin_susan Beer Ladies Links: #beerpodcast #beerhistory #irishbeerhistory
  • 5. Radka from Hop Glossy

    PSA: For the time being, episodes will be posted every 2 weeks.Also, there are a few little gremlins with the sound. We tried our best to get them..It’s official - Ireland has a dedicated Craft Beer magazine! This week we chat to Radka, a Slovakian native who’s been in Ireland for a good few years, and has bounced all over the beer scene culminating in Hop Glossy - a digital magazine dedicated to sharing the news and brews of the craft beer scene. The story is awesome, and so is Radka - let’s show her some support!What we’re drinking:Hope - Seasonal Red 2024Outer Place Brewing - Sacred Cycles hazy IPAHopfully - Shinebright IPALinks:Hop Glossy: Glossy on Instagram: on Instagram: Ladies Links: #craftbeer #beerpodcast #beermagazine
  • 4. Beer and Horror Movies

    PSA: For the time being, BL will be posted every 2 weeksHave you ever thought about pairing Horror Movies? We have! Join resident horror movie buffs Christina and Lisa convince Thandi that horror movies can be cool, especially when there’s a delicious brew to go with it. Let us know your favourite pairings in the comments.Thanks so much to for sponsoring this video!What we’re drinking:Whiplash - The Mash and the FuryBallykilcavan - Bambrick’s Brown AleCanvas- Road Not Taken, XXX stoutLinks:Ghostlore: Worth: Hearts: Tractate Middoth: Ladies Links: #craftbeer #beerpodcast #spookyseason