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Beer Ladies Podcast

Eurovision 2023

Season 3, Ep. 31

*SPOILER ALERT* This episode contains snippets of the entries.

It’s the most extra time of the year - EUROVISION! This year we go through our combined top 10 (16..) while commenting on a few other entries as well as making some predictions. Follow along for our loves, loathes, and all the “meh” in between. 

What we’re drinking:

  • Stiegl - Grapefruit Radler
  • Lervig - Salted rhubarb vanilla sour cream crumble
  • Lervig - Naughty and Nice
  • Lervig - Julebock
  • Sudden Death Brewing Co - Synaesthesia


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    PSA: For the time being, BL will be posted every 2 weeksThe Beer ladies are back in your ears and on your screens! We've missed you all and yet enjoyed our summers - hope you did too.This week we’re catching up on all things summer, festivals, what we drank, where we visited, as well as giving you all a sneak peek into Season 4. It’s good to be back!What we’re drinking:AsahiSesh - IPABallykilcavan - Bambrick’s BrownBeer Ladies Links: #craftbeer #beerpodcast #beerladies #womeninbeer
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    It’s our season finale - Lisa, Thandi, and Katie are following Christina’s lead and taking some time to recharge. We talk about our summer plans including travels, beer fests and socials, as well as beer and beery things we’re looking forward to. We want to hear from you! What types of episodes have been your fave this season? Let us know in the comments or on the socials - we’ll see you near Aug/Sep. As usual, thank you for listening/watching and if you’d like to support the podcast, hit our linktree below.What we’re drinking:Hope - Hop Off (AF IPA)Heaney - Notifications Off (Pale Ale)Franziskana - WeissBeer Ladies Links: #craftbeer #beerpodcast
  • 35. Saison - Style Series

    After the intro to Belgian beers last week, we’re tackling a big one this week: Saison. What it is, how it’s brewed, what it tastes like.. And if it should even be considered one style at all ;)What’s your fave saison? Let us know in the comments!What we’re drinking:Saison du PontBullhouse Brewing Company- The Void Black IPAHopfully - LonglegsCraft Brewing Company (Rye River) - Belgian SaisonLinks:Saison: A story in motion - writer that saved a style - Dupont - Saison - Live - Womens Beer Collective - - Ladies Links: #bjcp #saison
  • 34. Intro to Belgian Beers - Style Series

    This week we’re doing a shallow and broad overview of the variety of beer styles from Belgium. Belgian Beers are some of the most coveted in the world; we talk about the different style, what makes them taste so distinct from other styles, and whether glassware matters.What we’re drinking:Duvel - Belgian Strong AleBoon - Gueze Mariage ParfaitThe Musketeers - Troubadour Imperial StoutLinks:Beginners guide to Belgian Beer: Beer Styles: Ladies Links: #bjcp #belgianbeer
  • 33. Judging American IPAs - BJCP Series

    This week we’re trying something new - a mock BJCP evaluation of two West Coat (American) IPAs. Learn what beer judges look for when judging beers at a competition and how the scoresheet works from your resident BJCP Judges Lisa, Thandi, and Christina.What we’re drinking:Western Herd - Irish Wolfhound IPAHope - West Coast IPALinks: Ladies Links: #bjcp #beerjudges
  • 32. Brewday Lingo - Lingo Series

    We’re back with our Lingo Series and this time we’re covering some brewing terms; especially the ones that have us cackling or clutching our pearls ;) Join us as we decode some common brew day jargon and do send us a pic of how you listen/watch the pod on our socials - we love to see it!What we’re drinking:Beer Hut: Drop It Like It’s Hop (Pale Ale)Hope - Limited Edition #29 (Maibock)Kinnegar - Limeburner (Pale Ale)Links:Chill Haze: & Cold Breaks:’s a Pellicle? beer terms: Ladies Links: #homebrew #beerlingo
  • 30. Black IPA - Style Series

    The good ol’ oxymoronic Black IPA is our topic this week, or the Cascadian Dark Ale if you will. We chat what makes them, what sets them apart and how much we love em. Do you remember your first black IPA? Is it a style you enjoy?What we’re drinking:Whiplash - Embrace the DaylightKinnegar - Black Rust BucketLineman - NagelbettLinks:Darkest Before the Dawn — The Unlikely Return of Black IPA — Good Beer Hunting - IPA: The Dark & Hoppy Oxymoron in the World of #Beer - Ladies Links: #craftbeer #beerstyles
  • 29. Spring Catchup

    This week we're catching up after our Easter break - what have Thandi, Katie, and Lisa been up to? Hint - 2 of us were at the Irish NHC National Homebrew competition. We chat about judging, organising, and how comps work. We also look ahead as spring brings us a few festivals and pub changes. What we're drinking:- Marty's gold-medal-winning Black IPA- Lineman - Group Therapy (IPA)- Third Barrel - Outside the Lines (IPA)Links:- Thandi's blog on Nationals: Ladies Links: #craftbeer #homebrew