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Building a Beer Library

Season 2, Ep. 33

Lisa, Christina, and Erica have been busy researching the best books and online sources (as well as a documentary) to help you build your very own beer library. While most of their suggestions are academic, historic, and technical, there are a few fun ones too! Some points of consideration they mentioned include bibliographies, budget, ethics, space, and sustainability.

Sorted by author's surname, here are the titles they recommend:

Acitelli: The Audacity of Hops 

Annemüller & Manger: Applied Mathematics for Malting & Brewing Technologists 

Annemüller, Manger, & Lietz: The Yeast in the Brewery 

Bamforth: Beer Health & Nutrition 

Boak & Bailey: 20th Century Pub

Boulton & Quain: Brewing Yeast & Fermentation 

Briated: Goodnight Brew 

Briggs, Boulton, & Stevens: Brewing Science & Practice 

Brown: Man Walks into a Pub 

Cantwell: Starting Your Own Brewery 

Cole: Let Me Tell You About Beer. The Little Book of Craft Beer

Dredge: Beer & Food Matching. The Beer Bucket List 

Fix: Principles of Brewing Science 

Hennessy & Jensen: Sláinte 

Hieronymus: Brew Like a Monk. For the Love of Hops

Hoalst-Pullen & Patterson: Atlas of Beer 

Jackson: The Pocket Guide to Beer. Ultimate Beer 

Kunze: Technology Brewing & Malting 

Lewis & Young: Brewing 

Mallett: Malt

Markowski: Farmhouse Ales 

Ogle: Ambitious Brew 

Oliver: The Oxford Companion to Beer 

Palmer & Kaminski: Water

Smith: The Beer Enthusiast’s Guide 

Sparrow: Wild Brews 

White & Zainasheff: Yeast 

Woods & Rigley: The Beers of France. The Beers of Wallonia

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