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14: St Brigid

Season 1, Ep. 14

In celebration of St Brigid’s day on 1 Feb, and we’re chatting about this badass Irish saint and how she’s related to beer. Oh, you didn’t know? Yep - she was a Brewster! Thandi is host today along with Christina, Lisa, and Katie.

Expect to hear all about:

  • Ale Feasts
  • St Brigid’s miracles (and other amazing feats)
  • Drinking horns
  • The definition of Heaven
  • How the definition of ale changed over time
  • Medieval Bittering plants
  • And of course, listen/watch along to see Katie weaving a St Brigid’s cross

Articles by Christina:

Beers Featured in this Episode:

  • Northern Monk - Manchester Pastry Stout
  • Trouble Brewing - Ambush Pale Ale
  • McGargles - Rosie’s Pale Ale (brewed by Rye River)
  • Solas - Session IPA (brewed by Rye River)

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