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Brown Ales

Season 2, Ep. 10

This week, Thandi, Lisa, Katie, and Carolyn cover what exactly Brown Ales are, their history, their sub-styles, how to brew them, and some of our favourites.

Whether English, Belgian, or American, these beers may be dark amber to (you guessed it) brown in colour. When smelling and tasting them, you may detect hints of chocolate, caramel, nuts, or malt. Now doesn’t that sound like a lovely style for a chilly November evening?

As always, please check out the on-theme beers we chose as well as some links we referenced...

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Eurovision 2022

Season 2, Ep. 30
Our Eurovision Song Contest episode in Season 1 was so wildly popular that we couldn’t help but record another! Carolyn, Katie, Lisa, & Thandi had a blast sharing their thoughts and feelings on this year’s lineup as well as the debut of the American Song Contest. Play along by watching the Semi-Finals (10 May & 12 May) and Final (14 May). Some things to look and listen for: aliens in wolf costumes, 70s throwbacks, Ethno-techno, sad boy ballads, feathers, accordions, and hypnotic booties!Don't forget, you can get our *brand new* merch here - in this episode:Einstök, Iceland - ‘Arctic Berry Ale’ Wheat Beer -, Ireland - ‘Resist’ Anti Imperial Stout -, Norway - ‘Everyday Hero’ Session IPA - ‘Purple Dragon’ New England IPA -, Norway - ‘House Party’ Session IPA -, Sweden - West Coast IPA - Song Contest - https://eurovision.tvAmerican Song Contest - the Beer Ladies here:YouTube - - - - follow, like, share, rate, review, subscribe, and tell a can also support us on BuyMeACoffee (Beer) - #ESC

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The regulatory affairs concerning alcoholic beverages can be very different, depending on where the drink is sold or imbibed. Most places have basic laws regarding labeling requirements, minimum age of consumers, trading hours, and drunk driving. These past 4 years in Ireland have seen legislative changes concerning alcohol being sold on Good Friday, whether breweries and distilleries may sell alcohol on their own premises, the banning of loyalty cards and promotions in off-licenses, minimum pricing on alcohol, and a separate alcohol section in supermarkets. Our hosts Bean, Katie, and Lisa wanted to learn more about alcohol laws in other countries, so they did some digging…prepare to hear about laws that are quirky, funny, and downright strange!Don't forget, you can get our *brand new* merch hereBeers in this episode:Einstök, Iceland - ‘Icelandic Arctic’ Pale AleHope, Ireland - ‘Limited Edition 26’ Amber LagerWhite Hag, Ireland - ‘The Puca’ Lemon SourLinks:Bombay Prohibition Act, 1949Crazy Alcohol Laws Around the World | Cheapism.comLicensing Act 187217 Weird Drinking Laws From Around The World | Crazy Liquor Laws | ThrillistWeird Drinking Laws in our 50 StatesStrange Beer & Drinking Laws Around The WorldUtah’s 12 Strange Alcohol Laws That Only Locals UnderstandWhy Iceland banned beer | BBC NewsFollow the Beer Ladies here:YouTubeInstagramTwitterFacebookPlease follow, like, share, rate, review, subscribe, tell a can also support us on BuyMeACoffee (Beer) -

Summer Beer Fests (Ireland)

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After a 2-year hiatus, in-person beer festivals are back! Katie and Erica got the low-down from Shane (Franciscan Well) and Leah (Fidelity) about all the behind-the scenes logistics that go into organising these events. Some of the subjects they covered include: venue, breweries, safety, music, food, draught dispense management, and non-beer options. Both of these festivals promise to be loads of fun and will feature top-notch craft beer…so if you’ll be attending, please say hello to us Beer Ladies :)Don't forget, you can get our *brand new* merch here: in this episode:Stewart, Scotland - ‘First World Problems’ Belgian IPA -, Ireland - ‘Immolator’ Triple Decoction Smoked Doppelbock - and,'Bone Machine’ IPA - Links:Franciscan Well The Not So Easter Beer Festival | 27 & 28 May, 1pm | Franciscan Well Bar & Brewery, Cork - https://franwellbar.comFidelity Beer Festival | 15 & 16 July, 6pm | Mansion House, Dublin - the Beer Ladies here:YouTube - - - - follow, like, share, rate, review, subscribe, tell a can also support us on BuyMeACoffee (Beer) -