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San Francisco 1978: Murder / Gay Rights / Jonestown / Baseball / No-end Trump

Season 3, Ep. 73

Lincoln Mitchell is a New Yorker and San Franciscan, a political scholar and avid baseball fan. He loved the Yankees first. but, when his family moved to San Francisco, he adopted the Giants. His recently published book -- San Francisco Year Zero: Political Upheaval / Punk Rock / and a Third-Place Baseball Team -- weaves a most readable set of social, political and sporting threads about the tragedies and joys of living in 'the city by the Bay' in 1978. It was the year that Mayor George Moscone and City Supervisor and gay rights leader, Harvey Milk, were murdered by a disgruntled nobody -- Dan White, who received a few years in prison for the double homIcide. Despite his limited time in government, Milk's legacy has grown; we explored how he and Moscone could have changed the fate of this city.

In that same year -- 1978 -- the murders in Jonestown devastated the city which had been the home of most of the 900 killed in Guyana.

And -- We talked about baseball with Yankee season ticket holder and fine actor David Bachrach.

BCR 73 ended with a most sobering prediction by Dr. Mitchell in which he laid out his most reasonable arguments for why Trump will never leave the presidency -- even if he loses the 2020 election. This is a must listen -- it comes at the end of another fascinating conversation at a neighborhood bar -- Gebhard's Beer Culture Bar.

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Life on Queue

Season 3, Ep. 72

We all know it -- a lot of life is spent on a queue. Think about all the lines you are on in a day, a week, a year -- it adds up to 5 years or more over a lifetime. But some lining up is not as bad as others and some queues have lasting memories. Becky and I reminisce about our queuing experiences at 5Napkin on Broadway and W. 84th Street at our reserved corner of the bar. [BTW - "QUEUE" is a great Scrabble word -- 4 vowels.] . Our favorite queue involved an overnight in and around Central Park with our family where we met Natalie Portman.

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