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  • 79. Matty Hutson on buddhism and musical comedy

    Matty Hutson is a musical comedian and improviser at the Free Association. He has reached the final of Musical Comedy Awards twice. During the pandemic he used his time wisely and began making online content, going viral numerous times on Twitter and Tiktok. He has also appeared on Sky Sports and Soccer AM performing comedy songs about football. Matty is currently writing his next Edinburgh Fringe show which he will be performing this Summer. Happy listening :)Steve
  • 78. Zehavah Handler on how to cure insomnia

    Zehavah Handler is a registered BACP psychotherapist and trained in CBT-i practitioner sleep councillor, a programme helping people suffering from chronic insomnia. Her training incorporates existential, psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural modalities.Happy listening :)Steve
  • 77. Darryl Edwards on the importance of movement and play

    Darryl Edwards is a movement coach and best selling author. He is the founder of the Primal Play Method and a physical activity, health and play researcher.He regularly presents as a keynote and motivational speaker and his April 2019 TED talk "Why working out isn't working out" has now been viewed over a million times. Darryl is author of the best-selling books "Animal Moves" which highlights why humans should move like the animals we are. In late 2020 he released a children’s picture book called “My First Animal Moves”. Darryl's work has been published in leading national and international press such as Men's Health, Women's Health, Top Santé, Elle Magazine, Men's Fitness and The Daily Telegraph, and featured on the BBC documentaries Eat to Live Forever, and Doctor In The House. He has also appeared in the full-length documentaries Love Paleo and The Human Longevity Project.Happy listening :)Steve
  • 76. Henry Normal on his creative journey as a poet and co-founder of Babycow Productions

    Henry Normal is a writer, poet, TV and film producer and founder of the Manchester poetry festival (now literary festival).Co-founding Babycow Productions Ltd in 1999 with Steve Coogan, Henry exec produced and scripted edited many of the shows of its 17 and a half year output during his tenure as MD. Highlights of the Babycow output during this time include: Philomena, Gavin & Stacey, Moone Boy, Marion and Geoff, Nighty Night, The Mighty Boosh, Redd Dwarf and of course Alan Partridge. Since retiring in April 2016 Henry has written and performed 7 BBC Radio 4 shows, a normal family, a normal life, a normal love, a normal creativity, a normal nature, a normal universe and a normal communication combining comedy, poetry and stories about bringing up his autistic son. The shows are available on BBC Sounds.  In June 2017 he was honoured with a BAFTA for services to the TV industry. He was recently given a honorary doctorate of letters by Nottingham Trent University, another by Nottingham University, and has a beer and a bus named after him in Nottingham. Henry performs poetry at literature Festivals around the UK and has 10 recent poetry collections out from Flapjack Press including a hardback selected works ’The Escape Plan’. Henry also has a memoir ‘A Normal Family’ published by Two Roads Press telling the story ion his family which was co-written by his wife Angele Pell. Happy listening :)Steve
  • 75. What does the idea of balance mean to you or not? Pt.2

    We're back with part 2 of the compilation of answers to the final question I ask all guests on Balancing Acts.Featuring in order of appearance are:1) Bel and Clare (Ep.70) 2) Ethan Lawrence (Ep.65)3) Naomi Shragai (Ep.66)4) Simon London (Ep.68)5) Christine Rose (Ep.62) 6) Anirban Dasgupta (Ep.58)7) Dugan O'Neal (Ep.64)8) Rachel Stubbings (Ep.53)9) Will Robbins (Ep.38)10) Gytha Lodge (Ep.46)11) Neil Webster (Ep.56)Happy listening :)Steve - @offkeysteve
  • 74. What does the idea of balance mean to you or not? Pt.1

    In this weeks episode I've compiled some of my favourites answers to the question I ask every guest on Balancing Acts: What does the idea of balance mean to you or not? Featured in running order are the following:1) Athena Kugblenu (ep.55)2) Zuby (ep.54)3) Nat Luurtsema (ep.48)4) Adjani Salmon (ep.51)5) Rosie Holt (ep.39)6) Shane Todd (ep.52)7) Esther Manito (ep.36)8) Tom Houghton (ep.41)9)Heydon Prowse (ep.45)10) Barry Ferns (ep.35)11) Oenone (ep.63)Happy listening :)Steve