Balancing Acts


What does the idea of balance mean to you or not? Pt.2

Season 1, Ep. 75

We're back with part 2 of the compilation of answers to the final question I ask all guests on Balancing Acts.

Featuring in order of appearance are:

1) Bel and Clare (Ep.70)

2) Ethan Lawrence (Ep.65)

3) Naomi Shragai (Ep.66)

4) Simon London (Ep.68)

5) Christine Rose (Ep.62)

6) Anirban Dasgupta (Ep.58)

7) Dugan O'Neal (Ep.64)

8) Rachel Stubbings (Ep.53)

9) Will Robbins (Ep.38)

10) Gytha Lodge (Ep.46)

11) Neil Webster (Ep.56)

Happy listening :)

Steve - @offkeysteve

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