Aware Podcast



Season 1, Ep. 1

Matthew Godfrey is an award winning CEO and ex-award winning advertising guru. In his book The Insanity of Ideas he takes us back in time and then propels us into the future. From mankind's earliest ideas, the stupid, the brilliant and the horrific ones, to the next 400,000 years into the future, ideas are all unpacked and discussed with a wry twist of humour. A compelling speaker and writer (when he is not the CEO of a United Nations Small Business Award for changing global health winner, Nutrition Innovation) Matthew links awareness, coral reef biology systems in our bowels and the disruption of AI for warmongering all with a laugh and his addictive optimism. Of course, Nicky and Sarah enjoy having a poke around in Matthew's ARC (AWARE Reality Check) Quiz.

The first 5 ARC quiz completers win a copy of his book The Insanity of Ideas. His book is available at To understand how un-self aware we are, buy it, gift it and learn from it.

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