Aware Podcast



Season 1, Ep. 9

Bronwen Sciortino was travelling a long like any other high powered Type A CEO. No stopping, no life and no time to think about it either. It took seeing her scalp post skin cancer surgery to realise what had happened to her life. In less than 60 seconds she went from being an award-winning executive, to on the floor, and as she says feeling shattered into a million pieces and unable to stop crying. This happened in less than 60 seconds. Her aware moment was when she asked herself, 'What if there's another way to live?' She realised she feared being exposed and vulnerable, of being imperfect and of her own emotions. Her self recovery journaling morphed into a 5 star award and internationally critically acclaimed book. In rediscovering herself and facing her fears she now has a global business sheIQlife, published 2 other books and been featured in another 4. She is still a driven and hard working woman, now her focus is on stress reduction, simplicity and avoiding the burnout and self aware enough to know the road to recover is long but purposeful.

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