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Waking Up to Transforming Life Into Purpose with Leah Zaccaria, Entrepreneur, Yoga Teacher and Author

Ep. 3

In this episode I’m talking to Leah Zaccaria, a very successful entrepreneur, yoga teacher and author. 

Leah will be telling us about the importance of the energy we project, how to listen to our intuition, how she manifested a huge life change and transformed her life into purpose. I also absolutely loved her take on what yoga is, and how a practice of yoga can profoundly impact out lives.

Leah has such a radiant energy about her and I was very inspired by talking to her and her authenticity.

I’m so excited to share this conversation and can't wait for you to listen to it!

Some Questions I Ask: 

  • How does she radiate this beautiful and positive energy (3:50)
  • How Leah got from Seattle to Venice? (7:27)
  • How do you follow your inner voice? (10:17)

In This Episode, You Will Learn: 

  • The importance of the inner work to be able to hear your intuition (11:35)
  • Waking to transforming life into purpose (14:00)
  • The power of yoga and meditation (17:00)
  • Leah’s studio(22:00)
  • How Leah has been impacted by lockdown(32:24)

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"Seen" Book

ShefaYoga Venice Studio

ShefaYoga Seattle Studio

HauteYoga Seattle Studio

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