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  • Fallout Shelters in US Schools

    Back in the archives this week. We look at a US civil defence booklet from 1969 about fallout shelters in schools.
  • 1953: Churchill in Bermuda

    Churchill and Eden head to Bermuda for a conference with Eisenhower.
  • No Nukes and Kisses

    Churchill sails across the Atlantic to meet Eisenhower - the new US President. But even though they are allies and friends from the war, there will be no nukes and kisses from Ike.
  • Hurricane! Britain gets the bomb

    Britain gets the bomb! Then gets left behind again...Join us on Patreon for bonus episodes at
  • Why Australia?

    Why did Britain choose Australia for its first nuclear test - and why did Australia say yes?Join me on Patreon for extra podcast episodes you!
  • Four Minutes of Threads, Part 27

    Ruth! Work! Up! In this episode we see the fine reward Ruth gets for rearing her child and guarding her from the ultimate horrors of the world. A bonus episode has been uploaded to my Patreon page for pod subscribers. It's another one on 1980s nuclear pop music. We look at RUSSIANS by Sting. You can get it here: can get my book ATTACK WARNING RED: HOW BRITAIN PREPARED FOR NUCLEAR WAR HERE: get a signed copy from me directly at www.juliemcdowall.comThank you.