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  • N.E.A.R.

    In the 1960s, America considered the N.E.A.R. system: a little black box you plug into the wall which acts as a personal air raid alarm.

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  • Atomic Wonderland

    It's 1951 and Churchill is back in Downing Street - but is he living in "atomic wonderland"?You can support the podcast and get extra episodes here can make a one-off donation to the podcast here you can buy my book here you.
  • Sorry We Missed You!

    Clement Attlee's efforts in 1950 to make America promise to consult Britain before launching the nukes.<a href="">Join my Patreon here and get extra podcast episodes.</a><a href=""> Buy my book, ATTACK WARNING RED!, here </a>
  • Ted Turner's Doomsday Video

    The short video recorded by CNN which would be broadcast if nuclear war started.You can buy my book, ATTACK WARNING RED here: you can support the podcast and get extra episodes at Patreon here:
  • Four Minutes to Midnight - 1981 BBC lecture

    In 1981, Protect and Survive Monthly claimed they had been "attacked" in a BBC lecture. I found the lecture, and analyse it here. You can find it on YouTube at this link can buy a copy of my book, ATTACK WARNING RED: HOW BRITAIN PREPARED FOR NUCLEAR WAR here: you can join my Patreon here you for listening.
  • The Growling Bombers

    The arrival in Britain of the B-29s in 1948.
  • The Bloody Union Jack on Top of It!

    Britain's decision to build their own atomic bomb.You can listen to my book on Radio 4 here